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A Complete Guide to the Cosmos - Dangerous Discontiguates

by Giulio Caroletti

When the Ulterior Ones fought against the True Gods and the Mirror Gods at the Battle of Birth of Universes, they were helped by their servants, four-dimensional beings that had been generated without the proper conception of continual dimensionality...when the two Tetraspaces were separated, they continued to exist in both, although partly, because they were just four-dimensional. They could have dimensions 1-3 and 5, or 1-2 and 4-5, or whatever weird combination. Among the servitors of the Ulterior Ones, there were even those of dimensions 1-4 or 2-5, thus dimensionally similar to their enemies' servitors.
After their masters' defeat, they continued to exist with their impossible dimensions; moreover, the Ulterior Ones retained the power to create other Discontiguates, like they are called because they do not have a "normal progression of dimensions". Discontiguates with dimensions 1 and 5 are extremely powerful, because they can draw upon dimensions that neither the True nor Mirror Gods can reach, and are the "right hands" of the Ulterior Ones. Other Discontiguates may be less dangerous, but are weird and extremely unnatural creatures of the Cosmos. A Discontiguate exist simultaneously in the Mirror and Normal Tetraspace, and this is really a weird feature: they cannot cross the boundary between the two Tetraspaces simply because there is no boundary for them. They can, as an example, use an object in the Prime Plane while seeing a Malfera eating in the Nightmare Dimension...

Draeden are among the strangest races of the Cosmos, and they are, along with Dragons, the first race born in the Cosmos. Draeden became Mirror Creatures when the two Tetraspaces were separated, but they didn't side with any group of Gods during the Battle. The reasons for this behaviour and their strange relationship with Dragons will be analysed later on.
They are 4-dimensional beings of dimensions 2-5, but they may be encountered in the Outer Planes of the Normal Tetraspace.

Dragons are a complex and mighty race, among the most important of the Multiverse. Dragons and Draeden were the two first true races of creatures that were born in the Cosmos, because Gods were the expression of the Thoughts of the Cosmos, while Athanatoi and Discontiguates were servants created by the Gods themselves.
Dragons are Normal creatures existing in dimensions 1-4, but when they are born they are dimly aware of the existence of the 4th dimension, and this already shows their difference between the other mortal races.
Dragons live long lives, starting as hatchlings, growing up to become wyrms, and during their evolution they become more and more attuned to their 4th dimension of existence; this increase in power, skill and awareness is determined by hatching and by the Ceremonies of Sublimation; through these, in time, Dragons may grow to almost fully dominate their fourth dimension, up to the point of becoming immortal creatures that can prove dangerous even to the Athanatoi; very few among them can grow so powerful to even rival the True Gods. The evolution is natural and normal for the Dragon race, although Immortals and mortals alike, unable to understand this process, generally think of Dragons (dragons that are still of wyrm age or below) and Guardian Dragons or Dragon Immortals (those of immortal level and above), considering them somehow part of their divine hierarchies.
The true nature of Dragons and their role in the Battle of the Birth of Universes will be discussed later.