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A Complete Guide to the Cosmos - Introduction

by Giulio Caroletti

When I started this project, I wanted to define a new, original and comprehensive Cosmos, that could be used with almost all fantasy and science-fiction fantasy settings that do not use a RW religion as basis for the universe. I do not intend in any way to meddle with the religious beliefs of people, I do not wish to explain the origin of the universe in any way, nor found a new religion or want people to think that the universe is made like the fantasy Cosmos I am describing, not on a scientific nor on a religious basis of any form.

What I want to do is simply to create a flexible religious format that can be used by anyone, not only in the D&D game settings, but even with other dozens of fantasy RPGs, as long as you agree with two principles: the existence of a universe (or more universes) and the existence of god-like beings, be they true gods or immortal super-humans.