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A Complete Guide to the Cosmos - A Summary of Multiverses

by Giulio Caroletti

We have long discussed the Nature of the Normal Tetraspace and described the Prime Planes, the Multiverses and the Outer Planes and their peculiar features. Here is a Summary of some of the Multiverses; their description is presented in the next articles.

(Name of Multiverse)

Prime Plane: indicates RPG or literary campaign worlds appropriated as planets for the Prime Plane of this Multiverse.

Immortal Structure: details briefly the structure of the godlike hierarchy. "Free Godhood" is the standard AD&D type of godhood, with mortals able to become gods, gods slain and so on. "Spheres of Power" means that there is an Immortal Hierarchy of some sort, similar to that of the D&D Mystara campaign, or some other very hierarchical and rigid good vs evil or chaos vs law. "No Gods known" is a situation like Ravenloft or Dark Sun where there are no recognised gods or pantheons, because gods are too distant or simply not present. "Forbidden Ascension" means that there is no way to ascend to godhood in that Multiverse, as godlike beings forbid and prevents that situation from happening.

Outer Planes: gives a small description of the Outer Planes of this Multiverse.

Connected Primes: these Prime Planes may be reached through gates in the Ethereal from the mentioned Multiverse.

Level of Outer Being Influence: It is what it seems, just a description of how much the Outer Beings are able to influence the Multiverse through their vile scheming and telepathic abilities.

Multiverses Summary:

Prime Plane: D&D Mystara Campaign
Immortal Structure: Spheres of Power
Outer Planes: Many
Connected Primes: Planespace
Level of Outer Being Influence: More than Average

Prime Plane: comprehends Forgotten Realms, Greyhawk, Dragonlance campaign settings
Immortal Structure: Free Godhood
Outer Planes: Rigid 17 Alignment Planes (AD&D Planescape campaign supplement)
Connected Primes: Mystaraspace
Level of Outer Being Influence: Near Zero

Prime Plane: comprehends the Dark Sun campaign setting Immortal Structure: No Gods
Outer Planes: ?
Connected Primes: ?
Level of Outer Being Influence: None

MYTHSPACE (aka Dimension of Myth, see TSR supplement "Wrath of the Immortals")
Prime Plane: Laterre/Fantastic Earth. Suggested products to use for the setting: Conan RPG (for Hyborean age Earth); Vampire the Masquerade and Werewolf the Apocalypse for vampires and lycanthropes; Call of Cthulhu for Outer Being influences; Ars Magica RPG for middle-age wizards and witches; Clark Ashton Smith's novels for Averoigne (middle age French province).
Immortal Structure: Extremely Confusing Outer Planes: ?
Level of Outer Being Influence: More than Average

Prime Plane: Warhammer (fantasy & 40'000) campaign world
Immortal Structure: No Gods
Outer Planes: ?
Level of Outer Being Influence: Extremely High

There isn't a fixed number of Multiverses, so this file is open to modifications and improvements. There may be a way to fill in the gaps, too...