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A Complete Guide to the Cosmos - The Mystaraspace Multiverse

by Giulio Caroletti

Prime Plane: Mystaraspace

Outer Planes: The Outer Planes of the Mystaraspace Multiverse are "open". The Outer Planes are suspended in an Astral Plane of infinite width and length, from which substance can be used to forge new Planes. Many Immortals create their own Home Planes when they ascend to divine rank. The most important Planes are the Sphere of Power Home Planes: Pyts, y, z, w, Entrem. The Outer Planes are then surrounded by the Vortex.

Divine Hierarchy: The gods of Mystaraspace Multiverse are the Immortals. Immortals follow a rigid hierarchy, and they must align themselves with a Sphere of Power. However, the ascension to Immortality on the part of Immortals like Rad and Rafiel have risen questions on the Nature of the Universe that are worrying the older Immortals, that hold the Order in this Multiverse, as they fear that the Order could be broken. It isn't necessary to point out that the True Gods that led the formation of the Multiverse are much more worried...

Champions of Order: The Spheres of Matter, Thought, Time and Energy are the vehicle of Order in the Mystaran Multiverse.

Champions of Chaos: Demons and the Immortals of the Sphere of Entropy are the agents of Chaos in the Mystaran Multiverse.

History: At the beginning of the Mystaran Multiverse, some True Gods took the form of Immortals and, along with the Athanatoi, founded the Order of this Multiverse. At the beginning there were only two Spheres, the Sphere of Life and the Sphere of Death, but after some major modifications four Spheres were created from the Sphere of Life, and the Sphere of Entropy was created by the Sphere of Death.

Much later, thanks to the intervention of Thanatos, a major war between Draedens and Immortals erupted, threatening the Order.

More recently, the Outer Beings threatened twice to regain some form of influence on Mystara, thanks especially to the efforts of the Carnifex race.

The influence of the Sphere of Entropy have also manifested itself by the opening of a Gate from Laterre to Mystara, bringing in the d'Ambrevilles in the hope of creating troubles to the current Immortal Hierarchy.

True Gods: Among the ranks of the Immortals, there are several Immortal Forms of True Gods: among these, there are Ixion, Terra, Odin, Thanatos, Hel.

Athanatoi: The following are Athanatoi, acting as Immortals of the Mystaraspace Multiverse: Ordana, Protius, Valerias, Korotiku, Orcus, Demogorgon.

Leaks: Through history, several Gates have been opened between Mystara in Mystaraspace and Laterre (a planet of Mythspace). There are also a couple of Gates on some stars of Mystaraspace that lead from Mystaraspace to stars on Laterre - these stars hold the first and second dimensional essences of some Outer Beings (like Ah'hrog and Cthuga).

Moreover, the Pyts are linked to some of the layers of the Abyss (thus the erroneous belief, on the part of a few expert space travellers and Immortals) that the Pyts and the Abyss are the same thing.

Demons from the two Multiverses travel freely from one Multiverse to the other.