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A Complete Guide to the Cosmos - the Vortex

by Giulio Caroletti

We have briefly mentioned the existence of a Vortex that prevents any creature, mortal or immortal alike, from crossing from the Outer Planes of one Multiverse to those of another, requiring thus always the passage through the Prime Planes. This Vortex, in fact a magical barrier that has not a real physical extension, but more a Law of the Cosmos, is an extension inside the Cosmos of the True Vortex, a mass of roaring chaos that physically prevents anything from reaching what lies (if ever something does) outside the Cosmos. The Vortex's extensions inside the Cosmos may be in fact crossed by True Gods, but they will lose time and especially an enormous amount of energy with the risk of failing. The True Vortex, instead, may not be crossed, or, at least, all immortal powers fail inside it, so if anyone would dare to cross it, it would be to its own risk. Nobody, mortal or immortal, have ever travelled into the Vortex and then returned to tell his tale.