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The Church of Thyatis

by Håvard

Organisation: Lose organisation comprised of cults to the individual immortals of the Thyatian Pantheon.
Recognises the Emperor as a spiritual head of the Faith.

Faith: The Thyatian Faith

Pantheon: The Thyatian Pantheon. Also, worship of foreign immortals, integrated into the Thyatian Faith is tolerated. Immortals from the Antalian, Traladaran and Ochalean pantheons are especially popular.

Ethos: The Faith defines certain actions as sins, which unless repented for hinders the souls passing into Paradise. Such souls are trapped on Limbo, or worse, captured by the Demons of Hell.

View of Deities: Deities are known as Immortals. The Faith contains myths about mortals joining the ranks of the immortals. The Immortals are divided into Immortals of Life and Immortals of Death (Demons). Foreign immortals are not believed to be false, and many are integrated into the Thyatian Faith.

Social Role: Membership in a cult provides a social network for the members, and the cult aids its members performing rites of passage, marriage and burials. Also, acts of charity is encouraged towards cult members, but not particularly so towards members of other cults or religions.

Relation with other Churches: Friendly attitude towards the Churches of Karameikos and Darokin. The Church of Thyatis has a sense of superiority towards these, and even more so towards other Churches/Faiths which it sees as misunderstood worship, whereas the Church of Thyatis can provide the correct/civilised way of worship.