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CHRIS PRAMAS (Owner Green Ronin Publishing; from the GR forums, Aug 16, 2006)

Q: Focus on Freeport #15 features a certain Countess d'Ambreville. Since the Clark Ashton Smith-created d'Ambrevilles are the most (in)famous family of Mystara, I was wondering:

1) Has Chris Pramas ever run a Known World of Mystara campaign?

A: No, though I played through some of the adventures. Notably, the original Castle Amber.

2) Where did he (or would he) place Freeport in the Known World?

A: I am not a Known World expert, but it seems like you could drop the Serpent's Teeth between the Kingdom of Ierendi and the Isle of Dread.

3) Any plans for more d'Ambreville appearances in future Freeport books?

A: It's entirely possible.