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Country and Province List with Population and Area

by Devan Sykes

Anyway, some notes on what I've done and how I did it:

1) Sources for all of this are from the Canon material first (I finally have it all after 21 years of collecting) then the Fanon from Pandius/Piazza creations, with some slight modifications.
- Some name changes for my own campaign use (Original names in brackets in the Province field)
- I've lowered the Population and Area of the Poposhishow.. region as I considered the original numbers to be way too high compared to the rest of Mystara for my own use. Was tempted to cut a bit of Pop from the Selhomarr region of the HW but didn't as this region is quite detailed.
- Didn't use much of the Italian MMB stuff (Set in AC1160 possibly?), as the Pop and Area's of most of these are quite higher from Canon or clash with the Mystaran Almanacs (Norwold regions especially), not to mention the language barrier in translating some of this (The words, not the numbers :D). Though I must say their artwork and design is amazing.

No offence meant to any of the creators of the above. It just didn't fit my own campaign.

2) It's based on AC1000 or as close to as possible where I could get the info. So being pre-WotI, you won't see info on Alphatia in the Hollow World, Alfheim gone, Heldann's invasion of Norwold, Great Crater, NACE etc. Later year info for existing regions had been used in cases when I couldn't find the information.
- Sub provinces are in a lower case. Capitals or Main Country are /italicised/. The Area and Pop fields of the italicised Main Country are _not_ the total of the sub-regions. These numbers represent the left overs (lack of info, not dominion use), if any. I did this to make it easier for me to find totals by Region/Continent/Empire. So if you want the total Area or Population of a Country you would select the appropriate fields in Excel 07 to get the sum on your status bar.

3) As you can see, there are still a lot of blanks, even in well-covered regions.. feel free to let me know if I've missed anything (and direct me to the source) or let me know if I've mis-spelled anything.
I've used Square Miles for areas because that's what D&D and it's dominions used, even though I live in a metric country (New Zealand) like most of the world (excluding Liberians, Burmese, and Americans.)
I haven't used any accents/non-English language characters. Hopefully the Spanish fans won't abuse me for destroying the Savage Coast names..
I haven't done the Moons as I won't be using them.
I haven't separated the Underworld or Undersea regions from the 'regular' regions.
I haven't quoted the exact sources I used as quite simply I couldn't be bothered, as this is for my own personal use.
I had found a load of discrepancies between Canon sources..

4) This is sorted A-Z under Continent. The Region names I have followed using Pandius as a guideline. Smaller non-continental regions I've just called Islands. The Empire column I use to help me sort regions like the Isle Of Dawn and the far flung territories much easier.

5) Incidentally the total Outer World Population in this is near 40 million. Hollow World has approx 24.5 million.

Hope this helps your campaign. Feel free to copy and modify for your own use as needed. Country & Province List with Population & Area