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Crabfolk, Mystaran

by Håvard

I came across a reference to this race in Gaz2, but no stats. I used the Crabmen from AD&D1st Edition's Fiend Folio, but made a few changes for the Mystaran variety:

Crabfolk, Mystaran

Armor Class 4
Hit Dice 3 (M)
Move 120' (40')
Attacks 2 pincers
Damage 1d6, 1d6
No. Appearing 2d6
Save As F3
Morale 9
Treasure Type B
Intelligence 9
Alignment Neutral
XP Value 35

Monster Type: Humanoid (Rare)

When Al-Kalim travelled to the Undersea Realm and the Elemental Plane of Water as part of his pilgrimage to request the sponsorship of the Old Man of the Sea (Protius), the Ylari helped the Merrow fight off an invasion of Crabfolk (see Gaz 2). Crabfolk are 9' humanoids with hard reddish-brown exoskeleton. They are amphibous and sometimes launch raids on coastal communities. They value silver and pearls that they often bring back to their cavernous lairs.