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Crakkak Sharp Tooth

by Marco Dalmonte English translation by Gary Davies

Patron of Sharks and Shark–kin, Protector of Predators
Level, Alignment, Sphere: 10th (Temporal), CN, Matter
Symbol: a white shark
Portfolio: sharks, shark-kin, predators, hunting, strength, ferocity
Worshipped in: Savage Coast (Orc’s Head Peninsula), Pearl Islands, Hollow World (Atlass Ocean), Undersea, Thanegioth and all tropical seas
Appearance: an enormous white shark of over 6 metres long, with long, dagger-like teeth and the red eyed look of an assassin. The second form is that of a shark-kin (humanoid with a shark’s head with two protruding black eyes) about two metres high, with light grey coloured scales, elastic and always wet skin, the mouth open because of the large eight rows of teeth that prevented it closing, a powerful musculature and a trident held in the right fist, with an eternally hungry expression.
History: during his mortal existence, Crakkak was a shark-kin fighter famous for his strength and brutality, as well as for his obsession in dolphin hunting. Crakkak killed a thousand dolphins in a day and thus made such an impression that the sharks rushed to join with the shark-kin, and from that day the two races were as one. Becoming Immortal in the Sphere of Matter following his epic deeds around the IV century AC, he is now the patron of the shark-kin and marine predators (animal and humanoid) in general.
Personality: Crakkak is an individual dominated by instinct and anger, an unmerciful and anarchic being that recognises strength as the only instrument for determining power and importance, and who prefers the company of sharks to that of the other sentient races. Because of his brutality and his teachings he is a heated rival of Malafor, patron of the dolphins, and of Sharpcrest, patron of the kna.
Patron: unknown [presumed: Gorrziok]
Allies: none
Enemies: Malafor, Sharpcrest
Alignment of followers: Neutral or Chaotic; clerics must be Chaotic
Favourite weapon: trident (only allowed all types of dagger, short spear and natural weapons)
Clerics’ skills and powers: power of transforming into a mako shark once per day (acquires the physical statistics of the mako, keeps his own mental characteristics, THAC0 and ST, cannot carry any items or use his own special powers), free animal empathy skill
Avengers’ skills and powers: total protection from sharks (no shark will attack an avenger of Crakkak unless it is attacked first)
Domains: Matter, Chaos, Strength, Hunting
Preferred weapon: trident
Source: PC3, OHP, WotI