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Galwylin's campaign

by Tim Haney

At last, all secrets of the universe had been revealed to the One and the Many, known as the Old Ones. No secret lay uncovered or knowledge left undiscovered. All in the universe was ordered. With the final truth made known, the One and the Many closed his eyes and began the sleep of aeons. In his sleep, his dreams bore two Immortals, one of light and one of darkness. Each warred upon the other and the universe was again divided. Ilsundal, champion of light, weakened from his struggles and the night of his brother, Ilneval, champion of darkness, surrounded him. Ilsundal gazed with sorrow at his brother's hatred. Seeing the pity in Ilsundal's eyes, Ilneval's fury only increased and he resolved to rule over his brother. Shadows sliced at Ilsundal and blood poured forth from the wound and the stars were born. Then the pale Noumena stepped forth and stopped the brother's war. Ilsundal felt love for Noumena and she in turn glowed in his devotion. Noumena returned Ilsundal's love but Ilneval coveted Noumena's love. Hoping to entice her to his side, he voiced that he and Ilsundal should rule the skies. Each should rule for part of a day and relinquish the rest to the other. Ilsundal knew he could not trust Ilneval and Ilneval knew this. He offered that Ilsundal's trust could be guarded by Noumena during his reign. Ilsundal and Noumena agreed. And so, the sun, moon, and stars were formed.

Yet, Ilneval found himself dissatisfied with himself when Noumena's symbol continued to reflect Ilsundal's love. Finding no solution, Ilneval called forth Arik to take the mantle of darkness from his shoulders while he sought another way to conquer Ilsundal. Millennia past as Ilsundal and Noumena's love grew so that she visited him once during his reign of light and together they bore a child, the world of Mystara. Each showered their child with affection and gifts as Ilneval schemed to control them through their child. Ilsundal granted her the ability of creation and Noumena bestow magic upon her. Again, Ilsundal and Noumena met to determine how to meet the danger Ilneval represented. Fearing they would fail alone, they were met by Ordana, the embodiment of Mystara itself who pronounced that she would protect the world.

Time continued to flow as Mystara flourished. Oceans formed and Tallivai came to inhabit them. All matter of beasts grew to inhabit Mystara. Then the dragons took form and mastered her skies. From her forests stepped forth the elves then dwarves woke from within her stony ground. Finally, her rolling meadows gave birth to the hin. Ilneval grew angry he was denied these marvels and so, created the humanoid races to oppose Mystara's creations. Again he was thwarted as Mystara seemed to welcomed them. Ilneval's fury grew and Menlil, the corrupter, answered his call and together they created the darker races. More Immortals came to Mystara and sought to impose their will on her. Eventually, the Immortals of order and neutrality knew that continue would destroy Mystara. Together with the chaotic Immortals, they created humans who would be the agents of the Immortals on Mystara.