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Cretia (Mischief Maker, Great Destroyer, Patron of War)

by Andrew Theisen

Celestial, Sphere of Thought. 13th level immortal; AC -4; Hp 180; HD 27; MV 150'(50'); #AT 4; D 4d6+7 (punch); AM 60%; Save IM13; Al Chaotic; STR 30; INT 33; WIS 25; DEX 45; CON 20; CHA 20. Powers: Extra Attacks Per Round, Fighter Options, Wind Howl (like normal Howl, but takes form of hurricane blast), Increased Damage.

Followers Alignment: Any. Clerics must be Chaotic.

Special Clerical Powers: Clerics of Cretia may Move Silently as a thief of the same level. Additionally, they gain the General Skill Deception.

History: In life, Cretia was a warrior and trickster of the Blackmoor-era Ethengarian peoples. Following the destruction of that civilisation, Cretia's people were forced to endure many hardships in the cataclysm that followed. Many of the Ethengarians died in the centuries that followed, but Cretia came to see this as a good thing. He believed that the Blackmoorians destruction came about as a result of their own decadence and reliance on order and law. He saw that they had become to stagnant as a society to survive, and thus their destruction was inevitable. His own people managed to survive the cataclysm by virtue of sheer staying power, and their ability to adapt to new and often strange and dangerous circumstances. He helped to guide his people through the hard times that followed Blackmoor's end, and eventually sought and gained immortality under the guidance of Korotiku, a fellow trickster.

Personality: Cretia is totally dedicated to the concept of Chaos. Though not actually evil, he sees chaos as a means to prevent the stagnation brought about by Law. He concentrates his efforts on the Ethengarian people, bringing random troubles into their lives and constantly forcing them to adapt to adversity in order to stay alive and prosper (You might say he is the ultimate Darwinist, forcing survival of the fittest). He is honoured as the bringer of chaos as well as a prankster and the immortal patron of war among the Ethengarians.

Allies: Cretia gets on well with his sponsor, Korotiku as well as their fellow immortal Eiryndul, another prankster, though they rarely cooperate on projects, due to Cretia's solitary interests. Other allies include his fellow Ethengarian clique- Tubak (Ixion) and Yamuga (Terra).

Enemies: Cretia has no real enemies. He and Forsetta have been at odds of late, as Cretia expands his interests to include Vestland (the town of Rhoona, particularly). Their ideas are at odds, and when their paths collide, problems result, but neither immortal takes it personally, respecting one another even if they don't agree on their beliefs. Vanya and he are often at odds of late, as the Ethengarians constantly raid the Heldannic Territories.

Appearance: Cretia's manifestation form is that of a man sized, sloth like creature with large eyes and fangs.

Symbol: A furry, sloth like creature.

Interests: Cretia's primary interest is in keeping his Ethengarian ancestors hardy and fit. He occasionally gets involved elsewhere in the prime, causing some random havoc here and there and testing the mortals ability to survive. Lately, his interests have been expanding to encompass the lands around the Ethengarian Steppes to the Northern Reaches and Heldannic Territories. The appearance of two immortals there, Vanya and Forsetta, both bringing law and order (though in very different manner) to their respective territories, have Cretia's interest. For one thing, it is good for his people, as there are new threats to keep testing them with, and for another, here is new territory for him to begin to extend his influence into. The going is very slow in the Heldannic Territories, as Vanya has her followers so dead set against ideas other than her own, but among the original Heldannic peoples there, he is gaining a small following. The going is easier in Vestland, where he has some temples in the Ethengarian sections of a few towns, particularly Rhoona.