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by Marco Dalmonte English translation by Gary Davies

Patron of Jokes, Lord of Trouble and Chaos, Patron of War, The Troublestarter
Level, Alignment, Sphere: 16th (Celestial), CN, Thought
Symbol: a grinning face
Portfolio: chaos, jokes and dirty tricks, stealth, survival through battle, war
Worshipped in: Known World (Ethengar, Glantri, Vestland)
Appearance: a human with sallow skin, always intent to get about and to smile, with darting black eyes and often exaggerated and farcical movement, he is much attached to his clothes made up from a patchwork of many styles, materials and colours, and a rapier at his belt.
History: during his mortal life, Cretia was an astute fighter and an able cheat among the ancestors of the Ethengarians during the age of Blackmoor. Following the Great Rain of Fire, the people of Cretia were forced to endure many losses and great were his hardships and the privations suffered. Despite that, Cretia considered the cataclysm a positive fact, since it had swept away the Blackmoorian culture, which was becoming corrupt and positively indolent since it was based on a rigid system of laws. A society too rooted in order became stagnant and avoid the final consequence that would be its destruction, while his people were able to survive thanks to their adaptability and versatility to the situations and to climate. Cretia helped his own people to overcome the difficulty of that dark period and succeeded to become Immortal with the consent of Korotiku around 2850 BC.
Personality: Now Cretia is totally dedicated to the philosophy of Chaos, which for him represents the only way for avoiding the corruption and the stasis generated by Order. Concentrating in a particular way his attention on the Ethengarians, creating every now and then problems and place obstacles on their road for spurring them to adapt to the diversity and to remain active and prosperous. He is worshipped by the Ethengarians as the bringer of Chaos and jokes, and is further the patron of war intended as an instrument of last change. Today he is trying to expand his philosophy into the lands of the North, where he clashed with the absolute order imposed by the will of Vanya and Forsetta.
Patron: Korotiku
Allies: Eiryndul, Korotiku, Ixion, Terra, Corvo
Enemies: Forsetta, Vanya
Alignment of followers: Neutral and Chaotic; clerics must be Chaotic
Favourite weapon: none (allowed all bludgeoning weapons)
Clerics’ skills and powers: thief ability move silently as thief of equal level, free lie general skill
Domains: Thought, Chaos, Deceit, War
Preferred weapon: short sword
Source: GAZ12, WotI, X3