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Torre Cristobal

by Tristan Dunigan

OK Mystara Board Folks, here's another adventure idea. I actually ran this one and it worked out pretty good. If you have the Red Steel boxed set, it would be helpful to pull out the 'Gulf of Hule Region' map. Find Torreón, and follow the Rio Torrentes until you find Torre Cristobal. That's the Tower I'll be referring to in this adventure.

Picture This.....

A group of PCs are approached by a man, who identifies himself as a member of the Cristobal family. He tells the story of a tower that members of his family inhabited generations ago. It lies on the frontier outside Torreón and the area today is thought to be full of Gosluk and an occasional Hulean raiding party.

He wished to reclaim his families property and hires the PC's to "clean house". How the PC's get to the tower is totally up to them, but the local barge owners in Las Guajacas refuse to go down the Rio Torrentes as other boats have disappeared in those waters. The reward for clearing the tower can be gold or Cinnabryl.

To make a long story short, once the PC's arrive they have to contend with a group of Gosluk, about 80 in number. How to get them to leave?

Once this feat is accomplished (notice I'm not telling you how ... it will vary from group to group), the PC's should begin a search of the Tower itself. This is where the REAL adventure begins.

The PCs discover a series of tunnels that lead down into the earth, eventually coning out into a sprawling underground cavern with rushing waters. They walk right into the middle of a fight between some vile smelling Troglodytes and some Omm-wa (see SC Monstrous Compendium). The PC's SHOULD help the Omm-wa for the adventure to continue.

The PCs learn from the Omm-wa Wise Woman that the Trogs invaded their cavern home and have just about succeeded in killing the whole family group. She implores the PC's to help them as this is an extremely sensitive time; the females in the family are ready to give birth to young.

The reward for successfully helping the Omm-wa is a shell necklace. It may appear plain, but it is a magical item. (A DM can decide what nature of magic the necklace should be)