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Crests of the Clan of Alhambra (1000 AC)

by John Calvin

House de Guerra

House de Fedorias (coming soon)
House de Belcadiz


Dona Victoria de Belcadiz:
Notes - the aunt of Leotina and Yolanda (by marriage), she was directly related to the ruling line of Belcadiz and married into a lesser line of de Belcadiz (a cousin or some such).
Source - unique creation

Dona Carmina de Belcadiz:
Notes - Dona Carmina's shield takes its appearance from her father's shield. Since she is a Belcadiz I am assuming that her father must have been a cousin and therefore his shield has similarities to that of the ruling family.
Source - based on Dona Victria's shield

Dona Blanca de Belcadiz:
Notes - See the notes for Dona Carmina. The crescent marks the second born child
Source - based on Dona Victoria's shield

Dona Leotina de Belcadiz:
Notes - The sister of Dona Yolanda, both share the same paternal shield. Their family must have been of some import since both were married to landed (and titled) nobles.
Source - unique creation based on G:KoM

Don Hippolito de Belcadiz:
Notes - the older brother of Princess Carnelia, it is interesting to note that Hippolito did not inherit his father's title. There must be some other criteria of inheritance among the elves (who are all magic users)
Source - based on G:KoM

Don Miguel de Fedorias:
Notes - this is a unique case where the Don took the shield of his wife's family (the ruling family) and incorporated it into his own.
Source - unique creation

Princess Carnelia de Fedorias y Belcadiz:
Note - as the ruler of the principality, Carnelia has oped to take the shield shape as opposed o the lozenge.
Source - G:KoM

Don Miguelito de Belcadiz:
Source - based on G:KoM

Dona Maria de Belcadiz:
Notes - This shield is not generating quite right at the moment.
Source - based on G:KoM

Don Carlo de Belcadiz: Vert, a pale Azure, a bull rampant Or
Notes - Since he married Maria de Belcadiz and her last name is still de Belcadiz, this must also be some cousin of the ruling family. His shield has similar elements as the ruling family's a bull and Vert background.
Source - unique creation related to ruling family shield

Don Sancho de Belcadiz:
Source - based on G:KoM

Don Diego de Belcadiz:
Source - based on G:KoM

Don Ricardo de Belcadiz:
Source - based on G:KoM

Dona Yolanda de Casanegra:
Notes - See Leotina
Source - unique creation based on Dona Leotina

Don Fernando de Casanegra (Marques de Satolas): Argent, a cross Azure, a castle Sable
Notes - It seemed only fitting to make this crest a Sable castle.
Source - unique creation

Dona Isabella de Montebello (Baronesa del Egorn):Tenne an acorn slipped and leaved in a quarter Vert, a beacon Or
Source - unique creation