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Critical Hits and Fumbles

by Robin

However Old D&D had Critical hit (natural unadjusted rolls of 20) and critical fumbles(natural unadjusted rolls of 1)

I have readjusted these tables to fit with the Armor Value Rules of Dawn of the Emperors, and some of the critical hits do sever hands or heads, and other lethal or destructing stuff to the armor used.
Here is excelsheet with these BECMI readjusted tables.

I did include the DotE method of critical hits at 18, 19 and 20 within the limit of critical hits
(18= max rolled damage + adjustments, Armor value may be deduced, 19=max rolled damage+adjustments, Armor value may NOT be deduced, 20=double max rolled damage+adjustments, Armor value may NOT be deduced), yet here only 19 & 20 are treu critical hits using the main tables

Keep in mind this is painful, and in many cases also to the players. So the DM makes the roll and describes the circumstances if a player rolls a 1 or 20 or 19). So this way the DM can rule (in sake of gamefun and gamebalance) and decide on the least damaging effect from the table.
On the otherside, if described well by the DM, this is stuff stories are based on.

If you print this on a A4, you need only one sheet to print all tables if positioned carefully. Plasticisde the sheet, and you have another game help..with awesome effects.