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[BECMI] New Monster: Chrysomallos Ram

by Håvard

Armor Class | 2
Hit Dice | 4* (M)
Move | 120' (40')
Flying | 360 (120)
Attacks | 1 Horn
Damage | 2d6
No. Appearing | 1d2 (1d4)
Save As | F8
Morale | 7
Treasure Type | Nil
Intelligence | 5
Alignment | Lawful
XP Value | 125
Monster Type: Monster (Rare)

Belived to be of Outer Planar origins, the Chrysomallos Rams are winged creatures sought after by Wizards for their fabulous gold-colored coats which are believed to have magical properties. These rams can be ridden by Halflings, Gnomes or other small creatures. They can cast Protection from Evil 3 Times per day on themselves and their rider.

Lawful and Neutral Immortals have sometimes been known to send them in aid of Clerics, Paladins or other followers.

Terrain: Mountains
Load: 2000 cn at full speed, 4000 cn at half speed
Barding Multiplier: x1

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