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by Kevin Wyton

To Koronius the sage

From Darien Moonedge
at the Grey Minstrel Inn, Mirros

Here is the first of the information we agreed upon at our last meeting. I hope it is useful to you and you feel it is adequate payment for your research on my behalf.

First off I feel I should reply to the questions you posed to me.

1. Despite my white hair, yellow eyes, and pale complexion I am not a shadowelf. Neither am a member of any of the elven clans listed in the tome you provided me, although I would speculate that the Callarii may be distant relatives.

I was born in a city in the mountain range your people call the Dread Peaks. Within a certain mountain peak lies a lake that formed in the basin of a long dead volcano. The city of Cuchulainisle was built upon this lake. Due to the edicts of our ruling council I can be no more specific about its location.

My people came to this place fleeing a great catastrophe ages ago. It may have been what your people call the Great Rain of Fire. I am neither a sage nor a historian so I could not say. Lost and starving my people were guided by four heroes from our ancient homeland. Seeking shelter from the elements they entered some caves which after a lengthy journey led them to the lake. Warmed by heat from below and teeming with fish this seemed a perfect place to stop. In time stone was quarried from within the mountain and a city was constructed upon the many small islands throughout the lake.

In time some elves left the confines of the mountain to seek supplies that were not readily available. They found the mountain valleys teeming with life both natural and evil. Nearly decimated by some humanoids the survivors returned to the city with their tale. The Council decided then that with the small number of citizens available at that time that secrecy was their only hope of survival. This policy remains in effect even today.

There are a few elves who travel outside the confines of our mountain home. Rangers and druids who patrol the surrounding mountains distracting and drawing away the humanoids who venture to close to the few entry points, and an even smaller few like myself who venture into the world beyond hoping to arrange ties with other elves who can help ensure the survival of my home.

What kind of place is Cuchulainisle? Imagine tall towers rising out of the water, linked by bridges and walkways. Small boats winding through a light fog upon the water's surface. All the buildings are alive with flowering vines, many of which bear a multitude of fruits, and a host of birds who nest within the vines. I have not yet seen a place in my short travels that even comes close to its beauty.

Well my companions are awakening and I must prepare for the day, in my next missive I will attempt to answer more of your questions without allowing my mind to wander as I see I have done with this one.

Darien Moonedge, Bladesinger