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by Mischa E Gelman

History: Cuzla was born 28 cycles ago in the hills of the Oltec people. Her mother was local shaman of Otzitiotl and her father a simple weaver. She did not follow in either of their footsteps (much to the dismay of both parents) but rather took up the career of a guardswoman, defending the Oltec frontier from the vicious elves to the west. Last year she was wed to a follow guardsman, a shaman other than her mother conducting the ceremony. This has only further severed the ties between Cuzla and her family of birth.
Personality: A loyal follower of Otzitiotl and his peaceful ways, Cuzla is a nice non-violent person. She simply sees her duties as a warrior as necessary to preserve the culture she loves so much and keep out the evil influences of Atzanteotl. She is well-regarded by the others in her village except by her parents who still wonder what they did wrong in that she ended up so far from where they wanted her to be.
Appearance: Standing 5'4" and of medium build, Cuzla is above-average strength for an Oltec woman. She is good-looking but does not show off her beauty, being a modest soul. Her hair is cut much shorter than typical for an Oltec woman as she thinks this hairstyle is better suited for combat.
Combat Notes: She is a 5th-level fighter. AC 5 (scale mail, shield); hp 32; at 1; D 1-6 (short sword); save F5; ML 11; S 12, I 8, W 15, D 12, Co 14, Ch 15. Languages: Azcan, Neathar. General Skills: Profession (Soldier) (I+2), Alertness (D), Ledge Hopping (D), Endurance (Co).