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by Giulio Caroletti

Area: 64'000 km sq approximately

Population: 27'000 hivebroods and 11'000 degenerated human slaves

Languages: Hivebrood

Coinage: No coinage used

Taxation: No taxation

Industries: Sugar and honey production. Barter reduced to a minimum with the Empire of Tangor.

Government type: Hive

Cymru is among the darkest nations of the Swanamutu. It is a relatively small region controlled by the dangerous hivebroods. The insectoid race holds as slaves thousands of humans, a degenerated branch of the Nailans that once held the region. Cymru is located in a hilly region, where the jungle gives gradually place to pine forest. The hivebrood soldiers patrol the few safe trails of the land, and capture immediately any intruder. If fertile humans, these are brought to the open prisons that are present in each of the hivebrood colonies in Cymru (there are six major, the size of small cities, and other minor, which host from 300 to 600 hivebroods and 100 to 300 human slaves), and used as broodlings or for slave reproduction.

The hivebroods produce sugar and honey; a big part of the production is sold to the Tangors, or more precisely to the merchant organisation known as the Ant. The mercenary guards and merchants of the Ant are the only strangers allowed to enter the land.