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Dalung-quo, the Empire of the Great Dragon

by Francesco Defferrari

Location: Continent of Skothar, the capital city of Chadlung (the dragon's nest) is located 100E 50N, the Empire spans the entire area of north eastern Skothar, at least from 65E to 145E, north of Minaea and Tangor, and is advancing toward Jennite lands and Esterhold, i.e. the "Empire of the Great Khan" in Mentzer's map.

PC Description: Once the Great Golden Khan ruled Haca, the sea of grass, since the fall of the cursed white men. He ruled over the men of the north and the men of the east, he ruled over the west, he ruled over the tiger men and the wood people. He ruled and conquered and a thousand kings bowed before him, and his empire lasted forty lives.
Then the beast men came from the north, an endless, furious river of them that drowned Haca in blood. The warriors of the Great Khan and his people were killed, were chained in slavery, were scattered to the four winds. This was a time of many wars, for too many seasons that a man could count, until the Great Silver Khan rose. He conquered a thousand kings of the beast men and the hairless men, of the tiger men and the wood people, and all bowed before him. His empire lasted fifty lives. Then a hundred enemies rose against him, the mountain men and the horse men, the black men and the rock men, the green men and the beast men, and lastly came the dragons who devoured him.
There was a time of misery and strife for more seasons that a man could count, until the Immortal Dragon came. He seated on the throne of the Khans and two thousand kings bowed before him, from the mountains in the north to the woods in the south, from the endless sea of water to the endless sea of grass. The Dragon conquered and ruled and led all the people, united, toward the west. And three thousand more kings will bow before him.

DM Description: The Empire of the Great Dragon is the successor of the Empire of the Great Khan shown in the Master map. The Great Dragon is an immensely powerful and extremely ancient Dragon who in remote ages fought against the Immortals and lost. He slumbered for countless millennia until he was accidentally awakened by some adventurers a hundred years ago. He formed an army that comprises humans, humanoids, giants, elves, dwarves, rakastas, fairy folks, gatormen, frogfolks, elementals, dragons and any race living in Skothar. He strongly believes in full racial integration, under his rule. His goal is nothing less than conquering the whole world, then destroying the Immortals. He is probably the most intelligent and cunning being on Mystara, has enormous magical power and a huge collection of magical artifacts. He is also very good in forging alliances. He recently obtained the support of the mysterious wizard Gargantua, who also has a grudge with the Immortals. He could succeed.