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Spell errata: Dance

by Frank Mentzer
I do not understand completely the 8th level spell "Dance". You cast the spell and then... you have 3 or more rounds to try to touch (normal attack roll) an enemy?

Or you have to touch your enemy at the next round, and if you fail you lose your chance to make him dance?

The duration is the time you can try to touch 1 victim or the time the victim is going to dance?

[Sorry, a high level caster is going to duel against 25th+ level spell casters and I am now reading spells that we hardly ever used].

I apologize. The spell description is incomplete in the Companion set (and reproduced exactly in the RC). The duration given is the duration of the dance itself, once the touch occurs.

I would add that you have 10 rounds to try to touch the intended victim. (That range is not specified in canon.) Alternate: 1 round per level (though that can be quite a long time when casters can be up to 36th level).

Thus, you could cast Dance to have it ready, then cast other spells while awaiting a chance to touch. In any case, your attempt to touch constitutes your action for that round. If part of the 10r remains, you may try again.

(This is obviously the BECMI version of a named spell [from the Greyhawk campaign] in AD&D. Therein, a dancing victim forfeits any applicable saving throw, and I feel that is too harsh -- thus the -4 penalty to saves in our version.)