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Danel Tigerstripes

by Marco Dalmonte English translation by Gary Davies

Patron of the Clan of the Tiger
Level, Alignment, Sphere: 14th (Celestial), NE, Entropy
Symbol: the eyes of a cat
Portfolio: clan of the tiger, suffering, pain, revenge
Worshipped in: Known World (Atruaghin Clans)
Appearance: a slim human but with an obvious musculature, a quick speed and graceful movements like those of a panther, slit eyes like those of a cat (vertical pupils and gold-streaked irises) and his body covered by long healed scars similar to the stripes of a tiger, wearing a simple, short, sleeveless tunic and a short sword at his belt.
History: born during the period of the domination of the red orcs over the tribes of Atruaghin, the parents of Danel fought with all their strength against the oppressors but finally were captured and killed. The young Danel at only four years was placed under a horrible torture, that left on his body numerous scars similar to the stripes of a tiger. Years after Danel was one with Atruaghin in the insurrection against the humanoid oppressors, and for his bravery and loyalty in battle became the leader of the Clan of the Tiger. And from then that Atruaghin remained to watch over his followers, also Danel ruled with justice and firmness over his people, smouldering however in his heart a profound hate for the humanoids. One bad day some followers of Atzanteotl contacted Danel and they succeeded in gaining his thanks. Who, with time, convinced him that it was all the fault of Atruaghin that the land of the tribes had been invaded by the humanoids, since if he hadn’t abandoned them the humanoids certainly they would not have had escape against a united nation. Danel began to blame Atruaghin for the death of his parents and his scars, and ends therefore with the conspiracy against the other tribes and for unleashing the war against them. Nothing was worth the extreme intervention of Hattani, warned by Atruaghin: Danel, first humiliated in a public challenge, he was revenged of the rival tribal head prepared an ambush and personally killed him after two days of fighting body to body. At the end, his exploits earned him the rise into the Sphere of Entropy in 770 BC, and now serves Atzanteotl with fervour.
Personality: The hate and the rancour that Atzanteotl has made grow within him have erased any scruples or sense of compassion that before sheltered in Danel, and now is becoming a cruel and sadistic Immortal, who doesn’t lose any occasion of inducing pain to the mortals for revenge for the fate that he has endured.
Patron: Atzanteotl
Allies: Atzanteotl
Enemies: Atruaghin, Hattani, Ahmanni, Mahmatti
Alignment of followers: Neutral and Chaotic; clerics must be Chaotic
Favourite weapon: short sword (only allowed bolas, javelin, short spear, whip and blowpipe)
Clerics’ skills and powers: thief ability hide in shadows as a thief of equal level free, +2 bonus to general skill toxicology (not free)
Domain: Entropy, Male, Revenge, Pain
Preferred weapon: short sword
Source: GAZ14, WotI