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Immortals and Churches in Darokin

by Ohad Shaham

Arnad Fadon, the vice-patriarch of Khoronus in Darokin city, to a Hin traveller researching about the immortals of the land:

"So, you seek knowledge about the Immortals that are worshiped in the republic?

Well you came to right man. I, my son, am the second in the line of priests to Khoronus or as you may know him- Father Time.

First I will answer your questions, and describe the faiths in Darokin, but than I want to tell you about our wonderful and awesome temple in Akorros. As you are a traveller who seeks knowledge about immortals and priests this temple is a wonder you must see.

Now, little one, I am beginning so brace yourself and try not to wonder off. I will be as brief as I can. I know your race sometimes has a short attention span..."

Immortals and Churches in Darokin

Darokin has no state religion per say. The political rulers of the republic receive their power through money, which is what some may call "the real immortal of Darokin".

The different churches in Darokin follow various immortals and the state does not intervene with the religious beliefs of the people.

Every church has a crowd of followers that may vary at times. Each citizen is allowed to pray in every church he likes within the land and he or she can be a follower of several deities at a time.

For example, a craftsman may pray to Kagyar each morning for the success of his work, but also attend prayers at the local temple of Halav to ask that immortal's help in Darokin's military efforts.

This is not true for priests, who devote their entire life and soul to the worship of a specific immortal *. A priest of Koryis will follow that immortal through out his career and so will a druid of Djaea.

There are more than a dozen widely worshipped deities in Darokin and almost every other known immortal has some followers in our great nation.

There is one restriction though. Very few churches will tolerate the existence of evil cults, following of Demons or the practice of necromantic magic.

If such cults are discovered, usually the high priests of the good churches will order their destruction.

City Patrons: All large cities and towns in Darokin have a patron immortal. This immortal is regarded as protector and benefactor of the town and its people. Often, the immortal patron has a large flock of worshippers within the city, but not necessarily the largest.

Cities and their patrons are:

Darokin: Asterius

Akorros: Khoronus

Corunglain: Halav

Akesoli: none

Selenica: Ixion

Athenos: Protius

Tenobar: Protius

Dolos: Koryis

Nemiston: Kagyar

Ansimont: Petra

Here some of the known immortals who are worshipped in Darokin. I will try to list them in order of their churches' size. But this tends to change all the time so don't pay to much attention to the order.

Asterius: Asterius is the most important immortal in Darokin. He is the patron of Darokin City and the most widely worshipped immortal in the nation. Asterius is the god of wealth, of commerce, communication and travel, all the ideals that our nation is known for. Asterius is also god of the moon, and patron of thieves. His temples are found all over the nation with the most impressive one in the capital city.

In addition to the temples, small altars to Asterius are found along side the major roads in the country. Prayers to Asterius are made before any business transaction or before and after a caravan journey. It is said that thieves utter a silent prayer to Asterius before picking a look, but this isn't a certain fact. The dominance of the church of Asterius is the reason that thievery is not considered a major crime in Darokin.

Domains- Moon, Thieves, Trade, Travel, Sphere of Thought.

Undead- turn

Khoronus: or Father Time, as he is known to most people, is also a very important immortal in Darokin. Khoronus is the god of time, knowledge, history, education and rulership and to some extent of the changing seasons. He is worshiped by scholars and rulers, historians and students. Khoronus' priests are often charged with the rituals of birth and burial, which bestows to them great influence on the populace.

The most impressive temple of Khoronus is found in Akorros the city which he patrons. Other large temples can be found in Darokin and Corunglain. Smaller temples abound through out the nation.

Domains- Knowledge, Law, Nobility, Planning, Sphere of Time

Undead- turn

Ixion: Otherwise known as the Sun Prince, is also a very important immortal in Darokin. Ixion drives the sun across the sky, giving warmth and life whilst banishing darkness. Ixion is the patron of the Centaur tribes that were once located in the Canolbarth forest. He is also the original patron of the city of Selenica, but his popularity is on a decrease in that city. Large temples of Ixion can be found in all major cities. Small towns and villages have small altars in which sacrifices can be made to Ixion. Farmers usually sacrifice some of their first crops to Ixion as thanks for the sunlight that helped grow the crops. During the Spring Equinox (Nuwmont 2ed) the priests of Ixion organize great feasts and dances to hasten the arrival of spring.

Domains - Fire, Good, Magic, Sun, Sphere of Energy

Undead- turn

Djaea: Goddess of wildlife of plant and animal life, protector of farmers and patron of druids. Djaea is the incarnation of nature in Darokin (filling the niche otherwise belonging to Ordana in other places).

Farmers across the nation erect altars for her in their fields. Djaea has no formal temples and no formal church. Instead, her loyal druids travel the countryside helping the farmers and protecting nature. These druids are well treated by the peasants and farm owners. The druids are often offered food and shelter.

The snake is a sacred animal to Djaea and no faithful farmer would ever intently harm those creatures.

Domains- Animal, Earth, Healing, Hin, Reptile, Plant, Sphere of Matter (or Druidism)

Undead- no

Kagyar: Known as Kagyar the Artisan, or Kagyar the Dwarf, this deity is the patron of crafts, arts and the entire dwarvish race. It is a custom to have a prayer to Kagyar before setting the first stone of a building in order to bless the construction process.

Sacrifices to Kagyar are normally small works of art. Kagyar has no large temples, but small stone temples exist in every city and town of the republic. These temples are always made of stone and always very beautiful.

Domains- Cavern, Craft, Dwarf, Earth, Fortitude, Sphere of Matter

Undead- no

Halav: The worship of this immortal came from Taraldara in ancient times. Since than Halav has become the most important god of war in Darokin. He is patron of heroes and soldiers and all that wield a sword. Halav is the slayer of trolls, orcs and all that is savage. Halav is the Patron of the warlike city of Corunglain. He has a large temple in the capital and Selenica also. Halav is the enemy of Karaash, god of the savage orcs.

Domains- Good, Retribution, War, Sphere of Thought

Undead- no

Valerias: Goddess of passion and love, beauty and romance, fire and weapons. Valerias is worshiped all over the land but organized temples exist only in Darokin City, and in Selenica. Most of Valerias priests are women. Mysterious and wild ceremonies are held in her honour in her temples and in the wilderness. She is the one who lovers prey to for help against all odds. Her symbol is the rose, and like that flower she is beautiful yet dangerous, as her wrath is difficult to appease, and sacrifices are not always accepted. In the southern parts of the country, worshipers of the goddess become very rare, as these simple folk want nothing to do with passion and romance.

Domains- Fate, Fire, Metal, Romance, War, Will, Sphere of Matter

Undead- turn

Petra: Goddess of women, of fertility, of the household and of crafts. She is the potter and the weaver. Most homes in Darokin have a small altar to Petra in their homes. These altars can be as simple as a small stool covered with cloth and on it a lantern or candle. Most villages and towns also have a small temple to Petra in which ceremonies of marriage (and divorce) are held. Petra is the protector of women and children and her priests often use her temples as shelters and orphanages. She is also the patron immortal of Ansimont.

Domains- Craft, Family, Healing, Protection, War, Sphere of Time

Undead- turn

Koryis: God of peace and prosperity. Koryis is popular among the ranks of the Darokin Diplomatic Corps. Small temples of Koryis exist in the central parts of Darokin, but none exist in frontier towns and those alongside the borders. Whenever a pact or treaty is signed between Darokin and another nation a priest of Koryis performs a ceremony in order to sanctify the bond.

Koryis is also the patron of the town of Dolos.

Domains: Good, Law, Renewal, Spell, Truth, Sphere of Thought

Undead- turn

Protius: The old man of the sea is the patron of Darokin's ports. He is an unpredictable deity and before a nautical voyage, most people give some sacrifice or tribute to Protius's temples. Protius's worship is scarce in inland Darokin.

Domains: Animal (marine only), Chaos, Destruction, Ocean, Renewal, Strength, Water, Sphere of Time

Undead- no

Diulanna: Worship of this immortal arrived from Thyatis and is gaining popularity. Diulanna is a favourite deity of adventurers, hunters and athletes. The motto of her worshippers is that with enough willpower, one can accomplish anything. This notion sits well with the general attitude of Darokin as a nation. As of date, small temples of Diulanna exist only in the three large cities (Darokin, Selenica and Corunglain).

Domains: Fate, Fortitude, Good, Truth, Will, Sphere of Thought

Undead- turn

Zirchev: This mysterious immortal is the lord of forests and wilderness. Zirchev is followed by rangers and druids of the deepest forests and the highest mountains (in contrast of Djaea's druids who exist in all wilderness and countryside environments). Lots of rare and strange creatures are holy to Zirchev, such as the white deer, the unicorn and others. People of frontier places know better than to harm these creatures in order not to wake Zirchev's wrath (and that of his druids).

Domains: Animal, Illusion, Magic, Plant, Sphere of Energy

Undead- no


Ilsundal: The immortal king of elves, is the patron of the known world's elves and guardian of nature and magic. His following among humans is almost non existent. Even less known to humans is his immortal servant Mealiden, who was the first king of the elves of Alfheim.

Domains: Elf, Magic, Moon, Nobility, Plant, Sphere of Energy

Mealiden's Domains: Elf, Good, Protection, Sphere of Energy

Undead- no (both Ilsundal and Mealiden)

al-Kalim: This Ylari immortal and his "Eternal Truth" are gaining popularity among the Alaysian descended people of Selenica. The only temple al-Kalim has is in that city, but his worship is slowly spreading to other parts of the country. al-Kalim is an immortal dedicated to law and prosperity.

Domains: Desert Oasis, Fate, Law, Planning, Sun, Truth, Water, Sphere of Time

Undead- no

Odin: This northern god of war and wisdom is known in Darokin, but the worship of Halav overshadows the small cells of Odin worshippers.

Domains: Air, Knowledge, Nobility, Rune, War, Will, Sphere of Thought

Undead- turn

Karaash: This orcish immortal is followed by the orcs of the northeastern "Orclands" his worship is tolerated by most churches (Halav's being an exception). Karaash is a god of savage warfare, of brutality and barren lands. His symbol is a jagged two handed swords, a popular weapon among the orcs of the region.

Domains: Cavern, Chaos, Retribution, War, Sphere of Thought

Undead- no

Entropic Immortals: Although most of the people of Darokin are good and decent folks, cells and cults of demon worshippers are sometime found among the orcish and human population. Most common of this are those of Thanatos, god of Death, and the dark queen of Hel. While other countries might tolerate these unholy heretics, the good churches of Darokin will stand against these evils.

Thanatos's Domains: Corruption, Death, Destruction, Evil, Night, Undeath, Sphere of Entropy

Hels Domains: Death, Evil, Hatred, Renewal, Undeath, Tyranny, Sphere of Entropy

Undead- rebuke and control (both Hel and Thanatos)

*In game terms = Most of Darokin's clerics are specialty Priests. Defenders, Druids and Paladins are also common, but Pantheists or philosophy priests are very rare, as well as crusaders.

** The immortals following this point aren't widely worshiped in Darokin by the normal populace. For PCs is better to introduce the first 12 immortals.