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Dark Glantri

by Andrew Theisen

I had/have some plans for a "Dark Glantri" that never quite came all the way to fruition. Basically, a horror-themed Glantrian campaign.

It was partially inspired by this post on the MML a couple years back (though IIRC, I'd been working on it already- the post just helped to clarify a couple of thoughts I'd been working through.)

Originally Posted by Chris Cherrington

In keeping with the dementia of a Cthulhu/E A Poe line; would not the paranoid Caurenze make some good story lines as well? Something horribly wrong hidden in the depths of that area, with wizards being so keen on tapping into obscure ley lines or magics, and stumbling over many sinister things. I would even go as far as putting a gothic style Amityville Horror house somewhere between Caurenze and Glantri. Other places like the borderlands west of Averoigne could have local towns with weird superstitions, the likes of Children of the Corn or Stoning ceremonies for the harvest. Some lakes near Klantyre might hold some super zombie, the likes of Jason of Friday the 13th. Horror movies offer some of the best plotlines for side adventures. Just think of Freddie the next time one of those pesky villagers goes and burns a heretic illusionist at the stake.

From the notes I have so far, these were the basics of it:




Other things

Anyway, just some general musings on ways to turn Glantri even more evil.