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The Dark Lord: II

by Marco Fossati

Draco, Stonewall, early spring 997 AC

Waynet walked very fast. He was in one of the main street of Draco, overcrowded as usual. He disliked other people, especially the dumb commoners, so he was used to walk very fast in order to avoid even the contacts with those lesser people. But that time he didn't care of others and a lot of times he went against other people. He was concerned about a very important matter and most of all he was fearing for his master's wrath...Someone had just started to search the boy...he could remember one of the 3...she was the mother of the boy..."how could she be alive yet?" Waynet thought...this would eventually be the question by his master. His orders were strict: Waynet had to kill the woman, the mother of the boy. But Waynet needed money at that time...he had a lot of expenses for watching the woman and he needed some coins to continue his magical he sold her to some slavers...sure he would have never seen again her...but she had returned...with two strange companions.
The other woman was a cleric: a hateful cleric of Alphatia. But Waynet didn't care too much for her; he just felt her powers weren't too great yet.
The elf gave Waynet more problems. The wizard could see the strength of his muscles, the wit in his eyes, and the agility of his limbs. They had arrived a couple of days ago in Draco and had just started to investigate in the old suburb where the woman had lived...Waynet thought they had no chance to discover where the boy could be but for more security Waynet had transported him in a more hidden place.
With these thoughts in his mind Waynet reached "The Broken Sword Inn" and entered by the wooden door. He hailed with a gesture the innkeeper then he reached a room upstairs...he was trembling to think to his master...
The door was empty except for a chair and a very big mirror. Waynet sat on the chair then with a couple of gestures the mirror started glowing.
After few moments the mirror showed the imagine of a man: Guran Bonnar the Master of the Black Cabal of Draco, the most powerful mage of all Stonewall.
He was a middle aged man with grey short hair. He was extremely slim with two red eyes and two very long and slim hands.
Guran watched silently Waynet then he spoke: "Why did you move the boy? doing so you had stopped his training. I've ordered you to train him as quick as possible..."
"An unexpected problem has just appeared" replied sheepishly Waynet Guran seemed to get a little angry "What kind of problem?" he asked closing a little his unnatural red eyes
"N..Not..Nothing that cannot be...cannot be resolved in a couple of days, Master" Waynet had always been scared by Guran's glance.
"Better to you if it you're saying the truth" said Guran and he closed the link.

Guran silently cursed. He hoped Waynet had told the truth for he couldn't fail his mission. Guran couldn't lose the boy or all he had dreamt for till that moment...all the desires of his entire life would have been broken out..."Damn it! sooner that boy will become a mage sooner I will be safe".
Then he started trembling. It had always happened when he had to talk with his Master, especially when he hadn't good news to bring to him. With a couple of gestures the mirror glowed then he showed the face of another man: he was really ageless with long and dirty black hair. A lot of scars were on it...scars not made by weapons but by some magical experiments...Guran shuddered while looking at Barimoor, perhaps the most powerful Alphatian mage...maybe even more powerful of all the Grand Council itself...
"Why do you disturb me from my studies, rat?" Barimoor's voice sounded awful in Guran's ears
"Well, My Lord..."
"Finally is the boy ready?" Barimoor interrupted him " can I My Lord" "NOOOOOOOO?????????????????????"
"We've to face an unexpected problem, but nothing of really important" cried Guran.
"Don't joke with me, worm. Succeed in your mission and you'll be rewarded in my kingdom, fail and you'll be damned for the eternity!!!!!!!!!!" shouted the terrible Barimoor.
"YES MY LORD, YOUR DESIRES WILL BE FULFILLED!!" screamed for the fear Guran but only when he had finished he realised Barimoor already had gone away.

In the depths of the Alayisian Desert Barimoor said to himself with a low, deep voice:
"Bastard pawns...they cannot even keep hidden a boy...I must just hope there will be no more problems...I must fulfil His orders..." Then with a couple of gestures he made the mirror glowing, while he started shuddering, fearing for His wrath...

Who was He?
How could His wrath be great?