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The Dark Lord: I

by Marco Fossati

Somewhere in Alphatia, 991 AC

"How can I get rid of this draught? The windows are closed, the door's barred. But the air filters, crawls and spies. It wraps me. It penetrates inside me and it freezes me. From where does it come? Where does it go? I must kill it. Like the wick of a candle. And then to let it twisted, dark, on the ground, like a dead serpent, the head crashed, with its cold blood in a tiny pool, dirty and slimy. A whiff that may kill this cold breath that passes through my shoulder, outer breath, of the world that hears me, this cold created on purpose against me. I must kill this air. To wisp and may it remain without life. How lovely to say: to kill a candle! But how can I kill this draught that is killing me?"

Thoutis suddenly stopped his thinking when the door was opened. 3 cloaked figures entered in the dark room and closed the door. One of them lit a candle. A bit of light ran throughout the room but Thoutis still remained unnoticed, hidden in a corner, protected by a big armchair. The 3 man were undoubtedly warriors, they wore armours and swords. Scars on their faces showed they were all veterans of a lot of battles. Thoutis rushed from his position. All lasted only for a second and then two of the warriors was already laying on the floor, both with their neck cut by Thoutis' fast sword. The third one was faster than his companions and drew his sword and faced Thoutis. He saw an unusually short and slim elf, even for elven standard, with long black hair and deep black eyes. The elf's face showed no emotions. The warrior was huge and strong and with all his strength he stroke. Thoutis parried, his muscles trembled for the terrible impact but the sword was broken. The warrior wildly smiled seeing Thoutis without defence. He simply said: "You're arrived at the end of your life, elf" and he lifted his sword for the final blow. But Thoutis opened his bare hand and an incredible fast wind exited from it. The warrior's armour and chest exploded in a fountain of blood.

The candle had been put out...

Thoutis went out in the night. For that work the Assassin League of Sundsvall had payed him very well...