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Darokin Timeline - Darokinian Heroes from IM2

by Andrew Theisen

Info from WotI and IM2- Wrath of Olympus:

c. 200 BC: The warrior Balthac and his companion, the elf-woman Sinan, battle monsters across the known world and become legendary. Balthac is finally slain while battling the great red dragon Calor, who had long plagued the men of the region later to become Darokin. (WotI, IM2)

200 BC - 21 AC: Humans venturing into the wilderness regions around the Streel River are befriended by a human warrior named Aurum. Aurum assists the men in colonising the region, with his knowledge of the lands, and a small town is eventually founded (the future Darokin City). Aurum's arms are also invaluable to the vulnerable settlers at this time. (IM2)

During times of trouble, a gold dragon sometimes comes to the aid of these settlers as well. (IM2)

? BC: A great army of undead arises in the depths of Malpheggi Swamp and heads north, towards the human settlements. The humans are nearly overwhelmed, and the warrior Aurum is nowhere to be found. Fortunately the gold dragon arrives and blasts the undead, driving them back to the swamps. In a dramatic moment, a ball of light emerges from the swamp and flies into the heavens, leaving behind a new constellation in the sky. The day after the battle, a party of warriors enters the swamp to investigate, and discovers Aurum's twin spears amidst a knot of twisted undead bodies. The undead are slain. The realisation that Aurum the warrior and the gold dragon were the same person sinks in, and the new constellation is named Draco Aurum in honour of the humans' champion. The crossed twin spears become the symbol of the Republic. (IM2) - 1

21 AC: Ansel Eastwind founds the Kingdom of Darokin and Darokin City. He proclaims himself King Ansel I of the House of Darokin. The new Kingdom only controls territory in, roughly, a 32 mile radius from the city.

550 AC: The human wizard Kazad (known among the elves as Illodius) attempts to invade the Canolbarth forest with an army of beastmen. The elven hero Sinan the Anointed challenges Kazad to single combat and both champions are destroyed in a tremendous cataclysm. The beastmen are routed (as are Darokinian armies that sought to capitalise on the elves' moment of weakness). The area where Kazad and Sinan battled is wasted and Alfheim Town eventually constructed on the site. (IM2, Gaz5.) - 2

795 AC: Lillian (last name unknown) is born to a family in high standing in Darokin. (WotI)

802 AC: A plague is sent by the Immortal Yagrai, spreading to Glantri.(GAZ10, Gaz3)
The plague also spreads southwards, to the city of Corunglain. A healer from the shores of Lake Amsorak, Ascalon, travels to Corunglain to help. He eventually travels north, into the Broken Lands, to seek the cause of the plague. He is not heard from for weeks, but the plague stops, and his dead body eventually sails downriver to the city. He is hailed as a hero of the people. (IM2) - 3

812 AC: Lillian marries Alexander Corran. They give birth to a son, Edgar.(WotI)

821 AC: Alexander Corran is ennobled as a baron. He, his wife Lillian, and their son move to the mountains of northern Darokin. (WotI)

c. 821 AC: Lillian Corran is stolen away from Corran Keep by a vampire, a minor noble of the Braejr Highlands. (WotI)

c. 845 AC: Lillian's master is destroyed by Etienne d'Ambreville, and Lillian is freed. She remains in Braejr (now renamed Glantri City). (WotI)

875 AC: The Great School of Magic opens in Glantri City. Lillian Corran is among the first students to enrol. She increasingly becomes drawn to the study of Entropy. (WotI)

c.900 AC: Lillian Corran becomes a cleric of Hel. (WotI)

Between 900 and 1000 AC: Lillian Corran (now known as Lady Lillith), organises the Cult of Balthac in northern Darokin, at the command of her patron Hel. (WotI)


1) Obviously, this section can stand to be fleshed out a lot more. Basically, I figure Aurum, Balthac, and Sinan to be "legends" of a sort akin to the "Traladaran Three"- Halav, Petra, and Zirchev. They predate most written records, and are sort of the Darokinian early heroes. Some of the stuff about Aurum could be expanded upon greatly. Also, Malpheggi undead were led by a Lich. I figure this Lich could be Nithian, perhaps, or Taymoran.

2) Sinan is said to have battled the human wizard Kazad and his orcish hordes in a battle that threatened the Canolbarth. The description of this battle, as well as the cataclysmic fate of the two participants, seemed to mesh well with the invasion of Illodius given in Gaz5, so I merged the two histories here.

3) Ascalon is described as a famous healer from the shores of Amsorak ("generations ago", which would fit the date) who halted a mysterious plague that assaulted Corunglain. The plague was the result of a demon in the Broken Lands, but I felt that all of this back-story fit very well with the idea of the Glantrian/Yagrai plague (and certainly Yagrai could have sent a demon as the agent of his plague), so merged the two concepts.