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The Siege of Darokin

by Aaron Nowack

A little while back, someone asked me for my Siege of Darokin adventure. Though I don't have near enough time to write up the whole thing, here is an outline of the adventure:

This all takes place in late 1006 AC, as the Master's forces are approaching Darokin City.

1. PCs must escort refugees by boat north to Corunglain. Along the way, they will be ambushed by one of the Master's wyvern riding mages and a war-party of orcs.
2. Various skirmishes with the Master's forces.
3. The Master's forces arrive at the city, encircling the western side.
4. Get the PCs posted at the main western gates. Lots of fighting, magical battles. Notable events include High Dervish Ismet (the Hulean commander) raising all the dead to fight again.
5. Eventually the gates will be breached. orders will be to fall back to the bridges over the Streel and fight a delaying action.
6. The bridges get blown.
7. The Master crosses the Streel, besieging the east half of the city after razing the western half.
8. The Huleans reveal a company of minotaurs, which easily overwhelm the defenders on the wall
9. Street to street fighting. Climax on the steps of the Merchant's Guild Hall fighting off minotaurs.
10. Relief forces from Alfheim, Selenica, Karameikos, Five shires arrive, scattering the remnants of the Hulean forces.