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Day of Dread/Day Without Magic from 1000 AC

by Paul Dupuis

Related to my earlier posts, I had a thought about the "Day of Dread" or "Day Without Magic" in for anyone who is starting a Mystara Campaign and planning on running some version of Wrath of the Immortals.

I took the 3% listed in GAZ 1: The Grand Duchy of Karameikos (p.33) for AC1000 as the chance of magic failing on Kaldmont 28 (vs just the chance of the population panicking) and looked at some progressions of increased chances working towards the events in Wrath of the Immortals and got the following table:

1009100% (magic fails for 1 week vs 1 day)

I tried some other progressions (2x, etc.), but I think the 1.5x (rounded up) progression works well to fit the timeline. I.e. in AC1000 there was a 3% chance of magic failing on Kaldmont 28. AC1000 (in my idea) is the first year the use of the Radiance in Glantri reached a point where a day without magic could occur. Previously (i.e. AC999 and earlier) there was no chance and no days without magic.

This means that PCs in the world may suddenly find there is a day with no magic, but it may or may not occur on the next year making determining a pattern harder, and yet, over the timeline, it is likely to become more common and a pattern emerge that should be yet another clue for PCs.

There is also a tiny, tiny chance that no day without magic will happen until the huge events of AC1009 if all rolls failed.