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Double Axe of Tarastia

by Marco Fossati


They’re double axes made of black steel and oak wood. On the blades they’re painted the two scales of a balance and the Codex Iustitiae.

Secrets of its making

Only High Priests of Tarastia (Head of a church in a town with more than 5.000 people) do know the secret of their makings. However at least one of them is in every church in a town with more than 5.000 people. Alrubius Henekopoulos , Master at the Imperial Academy of Thyatis City, had in the past some researches about Tarastian rites, and he assures it needs Imbue with spell ability, Detect Lie, Know Alignment and Commune among the others. At least 5 priest (one of 10th level) must chant for 7 nights, asking for Tarastia’s blessing.


Tarastian usually wield them while researching truth in a trial, or while interrogating witnesses or accused ones, so people state they have some divination abilities like Detect Lie, Know Alignment, Speak with Dead, Detect Poison. When using in death execution they ever cut the victim’s head with a single hit so even in fighting situations they must posses some kind of ability.

Campaign Use

IMC Tarastian priests, in some areas, are supporting the law orders, especially in trials. They also serve as executioners and travelling judges in less civilised areas. Weapons like this can be useful in adventures when PCs must investigate upon some crimes or when PCs themselves are accused.