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Dragon Conclaves

by Håvard

JTrithen directed my attention to AC10, which got me thinking about the Dragon Conclaves mentioned in that book. This has been discussed before, but I can't remember if anything came out of it? Every century, dragons gather in conclaves on various places on Mystara according to their type:

White and Crystal Dragons: The coldest land
Black and Onyx: The Oldest Swamp
Blue and Sapphire: The largest desert
Green and Jade: The Darkest Jungle
Red and Ruby: The Highest Mountain Top
Gold and Brown: An Enchanted Valley

AC10 implies that the Chromatic/Metallic types meet up with their Gemstone counterparts, but I thought why not keep the two separate?

Hows this for suggested locations:

Another thing. Dragons only meet in these areas once per century, but would the area be affected by this during the rest of the time? Do they leave some dragons and perhaps other servants behind, basically giving us some ideas for developing small "nations" on these locations?