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Deaths of Glantrian nobles

by Aleksei Andrievski

Here's a third article about Glantri - didn't I tell you I love that country? ;)

This is a small article containing thoughts on possible surviving members of Aendyr and Di Malapietra families. Just to illustrate the possibilities for future events.

Volospin and Thylera Aendyr are dead because they stayed at Silverston.

Uthar Aendyr is probably dead because he stayed at Volnay.

Lathan Aendyr studied at the Magic School, but we can suppose that he graduated before 1006 AC (he was M5 in 1000 AC) and stayed at Silverston as well.

Serena Aendyr spent her time voting at the Parliament, so there is a possibility that she is alive. But even then, she cannot claim Blackhill as the principality itself was completely destroyed. Well, the ruins of Silverston are still there, but half of former Blackhill now belongs to New Kolland, so at least Kol and Dolores would oppose revival of Blackhill.

Innocenti di Malapietra is, of course still alive.

Giovanni di Malapietra is probably dead since he lived in Lizzieni.

Letizia di Malapietra is probably dead unless she went to Juliana Vlaardoen. If so, she would be living at Linden, but would not be considered a noble since she is a fighter.

Agostino di Malapietra could very well be alive, since he was the Castellan of Ylourgne. After Ylourgne became a barony, he would find himself without a post. However, since Giovanni is now dead, Agostino might campaign for re-establishment of Caurenze (with himself as the Prince of course) if/when someone finally kills Innocenti.

Bartolomeo di Malapietra studied at the Magic School and so might be alive. If he is, Agostino will certainly try to kill him. If Bartolomeo graduated before 1006 AC (likely, since he was M7 in 1000 AC), then he would likely be staying in Sirecchia and die.

Lucrecia di Malapietra is likely to be alive since she stayed in the capital. As she is a mage, she could also be a possible heiress to Caurenze, leading to a conflict with Agostino.

Oh yes, just to be complete, the other nobles who died at some point in WotI:
Emeth Urbaal
Arbana Jerbat
Ezechiel Naramis
Aliana Nyraviel
Hippolito de Belcadiz (killed by Henri d'Ambreville)
Mikhail Gorevitch-Woszlany (killed himself)
Rowena Krollnar (killed by a summoned fiend - or, as I prefer, by the one that gave her the scar - and inherited by her son Mirn)
The Vlaardoen couple
Laszlo Wutyla