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The Undead Slayer

by Jennifer Guerra

A Kit for La Centinela

The Nuevo Alvar house of La Centinela actively seeks to disrupt all plans of evil beings and servants of Entropy, especially in and around Belcadiz. To this end, the Brotherhood trains many of its operatives to be Undead Slayers.

This Undead Slayer kit draws upon the kit of the same name presented in the Complete Book of Elves. I have modified the suggestions given there to fit the goals and methods of La Centinela.

La Centinela Undead Slayer

Undead Slayers make up a large part of the lower ranks of Centinela membership. Brothers and Elders especially seek out elven initiates who are known to have hunted undead monsters, or who know a good deal of undead lore. Alternately, Elders occasionally will find a human or half-elf who is particularly sensitive to fluctuations in Negative Energy, and train him or her as an Undead Slayer. Some of Los Cazares, the henchmen affiliated with La Centinela, also function as Undead Slayers, although these do not possess Negative Energy Sense, do not learn spellcasting skills, and do not (obviously) progress through the ranks of the Brotherhood.

Role. The Undead Slayers are schooled by the Brotherhood experts in the ways of the undead. They seek to destroy undead monsters whenever they can find them, particularly in or around Belcadiz. Since intelligent undead (vampires, liches) pose more of a threat to the world than zombies or skeletons, Undead Slayers will most often be encountered pursuing one of these more dangerous creatures.

Class. Any; Undead Slayers are culled from all walks of life. Earlier class benefits are retained, except in the case of clerics defying the will of their Immortal.

Alignment. LG, NG, CG, N, CN

Weapon Proficiencies. Bonus: One bludgeoning weapon of Medium size. Recommended: Any piercing or slashing weapon, preferably enchanted or blessed.

Bonus Non-weapon Proficiencies. Blindfighting, Undead Lore.

Recommended Non-weapon Proficiencies. Ancient History, Local History (Belcadiz), Ancient Languages, Healing.

Equipment. Any material considered vital to Undead Slaying: holy water, silver mirror, sharpened stakes, holy symbol, flint and torches, earth from sanctified ground. La Centinela provides each Slayer (starting out) with a pack containing these items; restocking them is up to the character. In addition to his or her normal weapons, the character may also wish to obtain a silver weapon.

Distinctive Appearance. Most Undead Slayers have a grim, determined look - the result of the nature of their work. Slayers higher than Initiate level are veritably obsessed with death and the undead, and will be seen spending large amounts of money to learn ever more about their enemies.

Special Benefits. Centinela Undead Slayers possess Negative Energy Sense; this power allows them to sense the presence of a Negative Energy disruption within 100 yards. This greatly enhances their chances of knowing when undead are present, and thus reduces their chances of being surprised by -2. Because of the extensive nature of their training, Undead Slayers gain a +1 to hit and damage against undead foes. At Brother level, a Slayer may choose to specialise in a certain type of undead; this gains him or her an additional +1, for a total of +2 to hit and damage. Centinela Undead Slayers (not Los Cazares) also gain spellcasting ability as they advance in their craft, as well as benefits according to their station in the Brotherhood (see below).

Special Hindrances. Slayers will never turn down a chance to eliminate an undead foe, regardless of the cost to themselves - even if it means sacrificing their own lives. Such is the Slayers' hatred for the undead that they will kill even undead who have proven themselves to be good or neutral (or at least friendly to the party).

Wealth Options. Centinela Undead Slayers start out with an amount of wealth appropriate to their position in the Brotherhood; for Initiates, this means a moderate amount of gold (I suggest "comfortable" or "middle class amounts," as in the KKoA boxed set). Full Brothers are already comfortable in the wealth of the organisation; the DM may choose an amount that is sufficient to maintain this standard of living, though not too extravagant. Los Cazares are mere hirelings of the Brotherhood; their Undead Slayers start with the standard amount of gold for their social class and outside profession.

Suggested Races. Elf, Half-Elf, Human. Note, however, that the Undead Slayer kit is not restricted to those races alone.

Spells. Centinela Undead Slayers are taught a few, specific magical spells to aid them in their quest. Spell progression is limited to the list below for all classes except Mage, which progresses as usual, and receives the following spells as bonus spells at the given levels.
Levels 2 - 6: Detect Undead, Light
Levels 7 - 11: Protection From Evil, Hold Undead
Levels 12 - 16: Enchanted Weapon, Enchanted Torch
Levels 17+: Destroy Undead

Progression Through the Brotherhood. A fledgling Centinela member is an Initiate for 1d4 years. During that period, he or she receives only the skills and benefits enumerated here. However, once the Initiate is inducted as a full Brother/Sister, (s)he attains a few more benefits in the battle against the undead. Brothers gain the ability to specialise in the type of undead they hunt (thus gaining an additional +1; see above). Their Negative Energy sense becomes more refined through experience, allowing them to sense fluctuations in a 200-yard radius. Plus, La Centinela is committed to aiding its Brothers in the field; the organisation's mages give all Undead Slayers of Brother level an enchantment of +3 on their primary weapon of choice (one weapon only). Note: I have given no benefits here for Elder level or higher. As Undead Slayers are virtually obsessed with hunting and slaying all the undead they can find throughout their lifetimes, no Undead Slayer would accept a position as Elder (which means virtual retirement in the Motherhouse).