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The Pillow of Delgath

by Kevin Wyton

The pillow of Delgath was created by its namesake as a supplement to normal magical study. While appearing as a normal sleeping pillow, if checked it radiates of Divination magic.
If a spell or spells in written form (scroll, spellbook, etc) is placed beneath the pillow and then slept on for a minimum of 6 hours, then the sleeper, if a spellcaster, may awaken to find a spell erased from the spellbook/scroll and imprinted in his/her mind without having to study it.
In game terms the pillow has a 10% chance of transferring any given spell from written form into the sleepers memory. Each night roll percentile dice to determine which spell level is transferred.

i.e: 1 -9% =no transfer
10-19%=1st lvl spell
20-29%=2nd lvl
30-39%=3rd lvl
and on up to 99%
a roll of 100%= DM's choice (or no transfer if the DM chooses)

If the DM rolls a value that corresponds to a spell level not appearing on the scroll/spellbook under the pillow then there is no transfer. If the DM rolls a spell level that is represented but for whatever reason (caster level, opposition schools) the caster is unable to cast, then no transfer is effected. The spell however, is still erased from the scroll/spellbook.
Using the pillow bypasses the need for long hours of study and research and that nasty %chance to learn spell roll. The character however doesn't get to choose the spell learned and if it isn't recorded somewhere else, it's gone.