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Further Curiosities from Delivane's Museum:

by Carl Quaif

The following items may be found amidst the cluttered shelves and cabinets of Delivane's Manor.

Harama's Mirror:

This is a full-length, oval mirror, surrounded by an ornate frame of gilded wood carved into the shapes of birds, animals and sea creatures - some recognisable, some not. The mirror is of flawless, if slightly smoked, glass, which makes the viewer's image appear slightly shadowed. The workmanship is exquisite, but hard to identify, even for the most knowledgeable sages; the Mirror is obviously ancient, yet miraculously preserved. Delivane found it in the ocean, half-buried in sludge, nearly thirty years ago.

Harama's Mirror was created in the last days of the Lhomarrian Empire, by the mage of the same name. Possessing a touch of second sight - or perhaps the warning of a kindly Immortal - she resolved to save herself from the coming cataclysm by creating an item which could preserve her until she reached safety. Her Mirror is a variant Mirror of Life Trapping, designed to hold a single occupant, and protected from damage by powerful enchantments researched especially for the item. Harama set up command words to allow her egress from the Mirror; unfortunately, she found herself unable to activate them from inside the Mirror, leaving her a helpless prisoner through the long millennia....

An outsider may peer into Harama's Mirror without fear of entrapment; the Mirror can hold only one occupant, and is already full. Those who stare at it too long, however, will begin to see what appears to be roiling cloud within it. Eventually, if they keep watching, a human form will drift towards the surface, and begin to communicate telepathically. Harama will relate her sorry tale to the listener - her mode of speech is archaic, but she has learnt the modern "common" tongue from her observations of the world during the last three decades - hopefully invoking some sympathy for her plight, but asking only that he (or she, although she would prefer a man, as they are easier to manipulate!) return at some time to keep her company. A few visits later, Harama will let slip that there "may be" a way to free her from her prison; if a certain sequence of carvings on the frame are touched, and a certain phrase spoken, she will be released from the Mirror...if another is willing to take her place. She will promise anything, stressing that she will return after a few days (she just wants to "feel the sun on her face" once more) or that she will find another to replace her saviour in the Mirror (so that they can be together at last, etc). It is all lies, of course; Harama is a supremely selfish individual - after all, her means of self-preservation was built for her alone - and will happily leave her poor victim to his fate once she is free, perhaps burying the mirror or hurling it into the sea to prevent anyone from discovering her crime.

If the situation is allowed to reach this stage, the victim's friends will have their work cut out for them; both to save their companion, and return Harama to the Mirror - she is a powerful mage, with a range of spells unseen for millennia on the surface-world. Her stats are left for the DM to decide, but she should be powerful enough to prove a dangerous opponent to the adventurers, whatever their level; their problem is compounded by the fact that she must still be alive to return to her prison.

(NB: those who have played out the WotI "Corran Keep" adventure will have experienced a similar "exchange" in Benekander's Mirror-Shield; PCs who remember that experience will probably be more trusting in Harama's word than might otherwise be the case. Conversely, if they experience Harama's treachery first, it could result in an "interesting" conflict when Rheddrian later asks them to trust him.....)

The Eye of Justice:

This is a 2" diameter, circular gold disk, hung on a heavy gold chain - it resembles the kind of ostentatious regalia often worn by Town Mayors on official duties. The disk appears plain at first glance, but those examining it closely will perceive a faint image of a human eye lightly carved on the surface. The item appears to be of ancient Milenian manufacture; it radiates strongly to those detecting for magic.

The Eye provides its wearer with a number of visual enhancements. The wearer possesses continuous Infravision and the ability to Know Alignment (visible as a coloured aura about the subject), both as per the spells. The wearer may call upon the Eye to provide the powers of See Invisible and Detect Magic up to twice per day each, and once per day may use the item to generate a Wizard Eye; these powers may be used one at a time, and cancel the continuous powers for as long as they are active. Once per month the wearer of the Eye may use it to provide Truesight for up to three turns.

The Eye of Justice was created during the height of the surface-world Milenian Empire, and was the property of the Senate, who used it to maintain order amongst both its petitioners and its members until approximately 200 BC, when it was stolen at the instigation of several corrupt Senators in the employ of Emperor Chronoson III. Its loss was, in a small way, part of the reason for Milenia's slow descent into decadence and decay.

The Fire Key:

This is a large key, nearly 6" long, carved from a single piece of rose quartz. If seen in the dark, the crystal appears to glow softly from within, although the illumination is far too faint to function as a light source. A short phrase is carved on its length, in an alphabet unknown on Mystara (requires a Read Languages spell to comprehend it). This translates into the word "Quartha", which is the Key's command word.

If the Key is touched to any lock, and the command word spoken, the lock opens as if affected by a Knock spell (effective against Hold Portal and Wizard Lock spells as if cast at 10th level). This ability may be used once per day. The Key's inner radiance dims to nothing once the magic is invoked.

On the night following any day that the Key's power is not used up, the holder experiences strange dreams; fragmentary details may be retained, involving robed figures with their faces hidden in shadow, the image of a huge black Unicorn, and a huge door made of the same rose quartz the Key itself.

The Fire Key did not originate on Mystara; it was recovered 50 years ago from the body of an unknown, blue-skinned humanoid in the Cruth Mountains, who was apparently slain by a tribe of Goblins (although, judging by the mound of Goblin corpses, the alien being evidently sold his life dearly). Having passed through many hands through the years, it eventually ended up in Delivane's Museum, where it currently resides.

Delivane believes that the Fire Key is one piece of a much larger object - the "Crystal Door" shown in the dream - and is, quite literally, the key to its power. Where this Door may be found, whether on an alternate Plane, an alien world or some far-distant time, is as yet unknown; no other members of the dead alien's race have ever been encountered, and the spells Contact Outer Plane and Lore reveal nothing of the Fire Key's history before its arrival on Mystara. If the remains of the former bearer could be found, and its spirit conversed with via a Speak with Dead spell, perhaps more details could be uncovered....