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Denial feat

by Andrew Theisen

Just looking over Gaz8, it occurs to me that the Denial ability translates fairly well to the d20 system.

Either just a) set a DC rating for the various effects, modified by the Int and Wis modifiers of the denying halfling (and a Master would have doubled bonuses, or something), or else b) just make it a straight Will save, with an Int modifier (which might be better, actually.)

Anyway, I figure the recalculated values could be:

DC10 Effect robbed of 1 round of duration or 1 die of damage
DC15 Effect diverted 10-30' in random direction, or robbed of 2 dice of damage
DC20 Effect diverted 30-70' away from target, or robbed of 3 dice of damage
DC25 Effect robbed of all but token effect; max damage dealt to targets is 2 hp
DC30 Effect negated completely
DC35 Effect hurled back on caster for full effect

A 6th level halfling fighter (12 Int, 14 Wis) gets a +3 to his DC check under method a), or a +5 to his check under method b). That same character, having taken a level of the Master prestige class gets, under method a) +6 to his denial check, or b) +10 to his check. Makes those Masters pretty tough.

Still don't know quite what the prerequisites for such an ability would be, though. I hesitate to make it attack bonus, and for the same reasons, I hesitate to make it Will save or the like. Any suggestions?