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Department K

by Sean Meaney

Headed up By Valen is Department K a special projects division of the Karameikan Secret police.

Located In a cloud over Karameikos since the Marilenev Incident of AC1022 is K1: A large Gnomebuild Airship which holds the launch platform for five Gnomish Aircraft that defected from Serraine at the height of it's fall.

This Airship doesn't exist. It is not there. You were only hallucinating.

Aboard its secret facilities Alphatian Wizards and Gnomes have just finished building the Arrowhead.

A 20' long, 15'wide steel arrowhead (20hp, -10ac)with an inaccessible cockpit (it must be accessed by the elf or wizard pilot using dimension door. The pilot then pilots using a combination of Gnome pilot controls and a CCPI (clairvoyant cockpit interface) to fly, levitate, gate in and out of plane of air.

This is the Second Age of Blacklore

Department K heralds the second rise of Blacklore technology.

AC1025, Vatermont 6: The Defection of Alma Blackwood
Alma was recruited from the elvenguard (Test pilot of the Arrowhead 1, Callarii Elf/Shadow Elf Infiltrator) and the Shadow Elves wind up with some technnomagic relevant to their nuclear reactor (the nucleus of the spheres).
In the battle for the plane, Arrowhead two is "downed" over Aquarendi Territory.
The Aquarendi now have the Arrowhead two and recognise it as Blacklore tech in human hands. They remember the destruction created the first time and begin constructing a group of Waveships. These Giant craft/constructs are magically crafted of Living Coral and powered by the sacred frond of the clan. They are leaving Mystara and taking their whole clan with them.

The Arrowhead 1 makes it to the City of Stars (it completes a gate-in from the elemental plate of air). The Shadow Elves have considerable archives on Blacklore and the sight of Blacklore in human hands pushes them to prepare of the final phase of the Project at the urging of their immortal patron. The city of Stars will launch to Mystaraspace within the next hundred years.