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by Doug Edwards

The desecrater was once owned by Rakir the Ever living before he was imprisoned during the hell fight he sent the desecrater to earth when it landed the clandos Rakir's own species took up the task of creating the temple of Desecration they took the sword and hid it in the bottom of the temple then sealed the temple and it disappeared the sword is said to still exist if the temple can be found.

DESCRIPTION: it is a long sword with a blade of alloy with the word DESECRATER on it. It is covered in white flame and circles of blue lightning the handle is steel with a Joseph star on the hilt.

POWER: It deals D10 damage +8 fire damage +8 lightning it also hold MagicMissileX4 spectral hand and rolling flames (2d6 lasts 1 round + 1 round per level) it cannot be held by any humans and holds the ability to shatter the Binding Stone Of Rakir.