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Deserts of Desolation

by Joaquin Menchaca

Here's an idea that I was toying with, and I wanted to breathe it life. I wanted to create a campaign out of the famous Deserts of Desolation, but centred in Mystara, taking players from Ylaruam to Nithia. I would first start off the campaign in Karameikos. I wanted to run an rough-draft idea and see what people think.

PHASE 1 - Discover Ancient Kingdom (KARAMEIKOS)
- Karameikos Setting
- map
- gaz
- B10 Night's Dark Terror
1) adventure into setting of Karameikos, should make players feel this is home to them, colourful NPCs, embellish it (B10 Nights Dark Terror)
2) maybe borrow ideas from other to give gothic, Transylvania feel (personally i like vampire, werewolf, etc. as well as Ravenloft d20)
3) players discover ancient Hutaakans, hints of fallen lost kingdom of Nithian, drop hints to get players to go to Selenica at conclusion of adventure.
4) also drop evil secret enemy type of thing hints and what not, invisible hand, and benefactor, as tool GM can use later.

PHASE 2 - Intrigue into Lost Kingdom (DAROKIN)
- Selenica, Darokin
- Darokin Map
- gaz info
1) ad-hoc intermission campaign, players face unknown enemy
2) discover treasure map at some point, or something that leads to treasure map
3) other tie-ins, like escorting caravan from families and NPCs met in Karameikos, to Selenica

- map
- gaz
- module info (DoD)
- DoD wiki
- miniatures (DoD)
1) aspects place players in Arabian setting, so I use Ylaruam. I borrow material from Al-Qadim to enrich setting. Really give players infusion of culture, show why Mystara is unique... ^.^
(1a) found this site
(1b) and this site
2) dependent on module set, but do whatever side-immersion adventures to get players hooked, then switch-a-roo, Hollow World, Nithia

- boxd info
- world map
- Nithia map
(1) so this would be the world and rest of modules take place here.

- maybe gothic-Egyptian tie-in: Ravenloft Touch of Death module
"In this Ravenloft episode, the gypsies have acquired an ancient sarcophagus and mummy. Although they are using it as a sideshow attraction, the mummy has plans of its own. Players must stop the plot of the mummy."
- surviving desert environment - Sandstorm: Mastering the Perils of Fire and Sand by Bruce R. Cordell, Jennifer Clarke-Wilkes, J. D. Wiker