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Some devastating spells

compiled by Thibault Sarlat

Clenarius' Nefarious Nuke (Evocation)
  level 9
  Range: 0
  Components: V, S, M
  Duration: Instantaneous
  Casting Time: 1 turn
  Area of Effect: 10-foot radius per level
  Saving Throw: Special
  Author: Calvin (Azrael)
This incredibly destructive spell should be used only if the caster wants to utterly annihilate everything close to him. The spell draws upon the caster's life force and explosively blows it apart, blasting everything within the area of effect to dust and ash. All living creatures have a chance to avoid utter destruction by rolling a 20 on 1d20. In this case, the lucky creature is reduced to 1 HP. Otherwise, creatures slain by the explosion have a mere 20% chance of surviving resurrection by any spell, even wishes. Unfortunately, the caster himself is blasted to atoms, destroying any and all hope of resurrection. Unless he takes some form of precaution before casting the spell, he will be forever killed. A contingency teleporting the caster away at the instant the spell is cast will not save him, for the spell's energies will still blow up his life force as soon as he reaches his destination. Use this spell only when you're using a character whom you either don't like or whom you don't use that often anyway.
The material component of this spell is a mushroom.(irony here)

and of course here is my getaway with death:

Return (Necromancy)
  level 9
  Range: 0
  Components: V
  Duration: Until triggered
  Casting Time: 1 day
  Area of Effect: The caster
  Saving Throw: None
  Author: The Warlord of Heaven <fsmtw1@alaska.bitnet>
This spell will remove 5 HP from the caster's maximum permanently, but allows the caster to defy death once per casting. Once he dies from grievous wounds (dying from old age isn't affected), he will arise fully healed by the return spell. This spell is jealously guarded by those that know it.

But if you are not satisfied with the first spell here is another one. Enjoy....

Clenarius' Penultimate Death Strike (Necromancy)
  level 9
  Range: Special
  Components: V
  Duration: Permanent
  Casting Time: 1
  Area of Effect: Special
  Saving Throw: Special
  Author: Robert Johan Enters
This special spell, is one that assaults the very core of its targets, both in mind and body. The spell causes all organs in the body to rupture, and the mind to be assaulted by psychic energies, making the mind essentially explode. Those affected will fall to the ground, their minds aflame, their bodies in wracking pain, as one organ after the other ruptures, and finally the mind overloads. The spell can affect all those in sight of the caster in some way or another. Be it through real, physical sight, through the aid of such devices such as a crystal ball, or a mental contact through ESP, psionics, or other magical or mental abilities. The caster needs be completely aware of where the targets are exactly, and the targets have to be present on the same plane as the caster resides. The spell can affect as many levels or Hit Dice as twice that of the caster. If the caster has other classes as well, these will count towards his level at half effectiveness, rounded down, and be taken into consideration when calculating the target levels (a F17/M19 will count as a 19+(17/2) = 27th-level character).
An affected character making its saving throw, will still be in wracking pain, and lose half of its hit points, and will be incapacitated (convulsing on the floor) for 26 rounds minus their Constitution, divided by two and rounded down. Thus, a character with 17 Constitution will be frothing and twisting on the ground for 4 rounds.
An interesting side-effect can be seen by targets who are wizards or priests or creatures who have magical energies stored in some other way (creatures with inherent magic abilities, breath weapons etc.). If they fail their saving throws, during the last seconds before their minds explode, all these energies are released in a single burst. DMs should devise their own effects for this on an individual basis, but the effects should not be anything less than spectacular, extremely destructive, and lethal to anything near the beings so dying.