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Imperial Devil Ray

by James Ruhland

Length: 135' (175' including tail fin)
Beam: 60' (120' including fins)
Depth: 20', (40' including "castles"), 2 decks plus two weapons platforms (top and bottom)
Sails: 8,000 sq. ft., Four "masts" (fins)
Tonnage: 1,500 tons
Cargo Capacity: 300 tons
Lift Capacity: 1,800 tons
Lift Power: Float in Air & fins
Motive Power: Travel (modified)
Air Speed: 360' (120') [720 (240) phased]
Manoeuvring Factor: 1
Hull Points: 400
Armour Class: 1
Armaments: 1 Water Fire projector, 4 Mangonnels, 1 Automatic Ballista (all double normal effective range and +2 to hit and damage).
Prow acts as ram (blunt) an permits boarding.
Belly mounted Meteor Gun as primary weapon.
Crew: 10 (Captain, First Officer, Helmsman, Navigator, 6 Airmen)
Marines: up to 125 normally. More can be transported in somewhat cramped conditions.

Enchantments: Ship is constructed out of Stone Form frames (20) enchanted with Float in Air and protected by a Shield spell (enhanced to +5). Travel (Clerical Version, modified. Allows flight. This version does not allow Gaseous Form, but instead allows Phasing and travel at twice normal speeds while Phased. Ship has built in devices that allow the bridge crew to view normal space while ship is Phased, but ship must come into normal space to attack. These include a large spherical projection with the ship at the centre and a viewing mirror) Create Atmosphere (In addition ship can be effectively sealed preventing atmosphere from escaping.) Climate (Normal human temperature ranges). Mind Barrier (Protects crew and ship against Scrying, Divination, and mind-influencing attacks). Immunity (extended with Wishes cast during enchantment; provides total immunity to hostile spells of 1st - 4th level, half normal effectiveness for 5th and 6th spells or save for quarter; individuals can exclude themselves from the spell's effect to allow spells such as Cure Wounds to aid them. Vessel and compliment are also completely immune to all missiles, normal or magical, as well as melee weapons of up to +1 enchantment; in other words, +2 or better weapons are required to hit. They take half damage from magical weapons of greater enchantment). Resist Fire (ship and compliment immune to non-magic fire, take reduced damage from magical fire).

Cost: 2,940,000 gp per ship, not including pay to spellcasters and accoutrements.

Designed to be the premier Thyatian Airship (the Thyatian equivalent of the Alphatian Man of War), but more compact and efficiently designed, at least in the opinion of the Thyatians. The Devil Ray looks like it is constructed out of obsidian (Stone Form), intended to create an imposing, threatening appearance. As a construct and a magical vessel it is immune to such things as Dissolve (Transform Rock to Mud), and is designed to provide its complement of crewmen and marines with the best protection possible. Sails are a membrane-like rubbery materiel based on substances found in Davania, not enchanted however. Artillery have increased ranges based on Thyatian weapons designed for use as air defences against Alphatian skyships. Devil Rays are intended to operate in pairs. They cost a bit over half as much as an Alphatian Man of War. Elements of the Retebius Air Cavalry can be accommodated via clamshell doors that allow entry and landings into the cargo area of the ship. Up to 40 mounts can be accommodated in this way, at there initially used as anti - Skyship batteries for the protection of the Imperial Palace after the Alphatian Spike assault, and later deployed to other important bases (such as Redstone Castle, which was one reason it proved so difficult for the Alphatians to capture during the Wrath War.). When the Devil Ray was in development it was decided that Meteor Guns would serve as their primary weapon.

Meteor Guns are large weapons, not wands. They are fully the size and weight of a Mangonel, and are built into their emplacements, making it extremely difficult to remove them. Note that Meteor Guns, and all Thyatian Airships, are enchanted with Tracer spells that allow them to be quickly tracked down if stolen or hijacked.

Range: 1,440 [5 ENHANCEMENTS].

Cost: 605, 000gp

9 (level of spell) x[1,000 (base) + 10,000 (5 Range enhancements, each enhance range by +100%, for total of +500%) x5 (permanent)= 495,000 gp.

2 (level of spell) x[1,000 (base) + 10,000 (5 range enhancements, each increase range by +100%, for a total of +500%) x5 (permanent)= 110,000