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Dhrom Dhum speaks

by Francesco Defferrari

Here is a speech of the goblin cleric Dhrom Dhum. An important personality between humanoids of Karameikos, he is trying to unite all the tribes in a strong confederation. Many come to hear him, and he is winning more and more support.

I am Dhrom Dhum, shaman of Hela.
I speak to all the humanoids in Tra Gar [goblin name for Karameikos] and to all the humanoids in the world. I had a vision from my goddess. I saw many wolves, scattered around a big forest. Hunters came to kill them. Many hunters with long bows. They came and killed the wolves, because every wolf was alone. The hunters killed the big wolves, then they killed the whelps laughing. And I knew wolves were us. Killed by our enemies, the humans, one by one, tribe by tribe, because we were scattered in the world like the wolves of my vision were in the forest. I speak to goblins and kobolds, to trolls, orcs and ogres, to gnolls and bugbears. Our enemies will kill us all. Our enemies are not the elves. Our enemies are not the giants, not the dwarves, nor gnomes or halflings. Our enemies are the humans. They are as numberless as lice, and they breed like rats, stealing our lands and killing us all. They enter our caves and kill warriors and females and whelps. They search us in the forest, ten one day, an hundred the next day, a thousand the next day. They search us in the tallest and loneliest mountain and came to kill us. They want to steal the land of all the other race, and they will kill us all. We have to forget hatred between tribes. We have to forget enmity with elves and dwarves. Humans have forced elves to hide in the forest, dwarves to hide in the mountains. Many moons ago we were numberless, and here in the world there were only us and the elves and the dwarves and halflings and giants. Then humans came, and easily defeated us all, because we were fighting between us. Now there are humans everywhere, and they spread in the world like a pestilence. Their cities are bigger every moon, and every moon they want more land.
They want all the world, and they will kill us all.