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Dinosaurs and Beasts of the Lost World

by Håvard

Rules Cyclopedia
Bear, Cave
Cat, Great: Sabre-Tooth Tiger
Crocodile, Giant
Dinosaur, Aquantic: Small
Dinosaur, Aquantic: Large
Dinosaur, Aquantic: Armored
Dinosaur, Land, Carnivore: Small
Dinosaur, Land, Carnivore: Large
Dinosaur, Land, Carnivore: Flying
Dinosaur, Land, Herbivore: Small
Dinosaur, Land, Herbivore: Medium
Dinosaur, Land, Herbivore: Large
Elephant, Prehistoric (Listed as Mastodon in B/X)
Neanderthal /Cave Man (Brute-Man in HW)
Pterosaur: Small (Pterodaktyl)
Pterosaur: Medium (Pteranodon)
Pterosaur: Large (Pterosaur)
Tyrannosaurus Rex

AC2 Creature Catalog
Cat, Great: Spotted Lion
Dinosaur: Allosaurus
Dinosaur: Ankylosaurus
Dinosaur: Brontosaurus
Giant Elk
Rhinoceros, Wooly
Garl (Humanoid)

X2 Isle of Dread
*Note: Only listing creatures not found in the above sources:

Dinosaur: Dimetrodon
Phororhacos (Sword Beak)

Hollow World Boxed Set
*Note: Only listing creatures not found in the above sources:

Archaeopteryx (*A flightless bird)
Bison, Giant
Lizard, Thumper
Pteranodon, Giant
Reindeer, Giant

Supplemet 2: Blackmoor (OD&D)
*Note: Only listing creatures not found in the above sources:

Dinosaur: Elasmosaurus
Dinosaur: Mosasaurus
Dinosaur: Plesiosaurus

Some thoughts:
I have generally not included creatures listed as "Giant Animal type X" (Giant Fish, Giant Weasel, Giant Shrew etc) to the list. There are also many other creatures that could be appropriate for the setting. The ones I have added have been those specifically mentioned as Lost World creatures. I also included the Giant Elk because the entry says they are preyed upon by Sabre-Tooth Tigers.

Do you think other creatures should be included?

Do other BECMI etc sources include other types of Dinosaurs or prehistoric creatures?

What Dinosaurs and Megafauna has appeared in later editions that was never available in BECMI or OD&D?