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Dinosaurs and Beasts of the Lost World

by Andrew Theisen

The list of dinosaurs from my in-progress BECMI compendium:


Allosaurus (AC9 13, X1 30, CC 29)
Ankylosaurus (AC9 13, HWAdv 21, X1 30, CC 29)
Bounder (HWAdv 17)
Brontosaurus (AC9 13, HWAdv 21, X1 30, CC 29)
Dimetrodon (X1 30, CC 29)
Dinosaur, Aquatic (RC 165, MD 26) - Generic "catchall" template for any non-specific aquatic dinosaurs
Dinosaur, Land Carnivore (RC 165, MD 27) - Generic "catchall" template
Dinosaur, Land Herbivore (RC 165, MD 27) - Generic "catchall" template
Epanterias (HWAdv 20) - This is listed as "Allosaurus" in HWAdv, but its stats differ quite a bit from the other Allosaurus entries, so I reclassified it as the dubiously classified Epanterias
Ichthyosaurus (HWAdv 23)
Lizard, Rockhome (G6 73) - Is noted as possibly being an ancestor of the lizard man
Lizard, Thumper (HWAdv 24) - Probably a Compsognathus
Lochnar (X13 62) - seems to be some kind of aquatic dinosaur like a plesiosaurus
Nothosaurus (HWR1 30)
Pachycephalosaurus (HWAdv 17)
Phobosuchus (HWAdv 24)
Pisanosaurus (HWAdv 25)
Plesiosaurus (RC 201, HWAdv 25, X1 32)
Pterosaur, Small (RC 201, EX 54, HWAdv 26) - This is most likely a Pterodactyl
Pterosaur, Small (RC 201, EX 54, HWAdv 26) - This is most likely a Pteranodon
Pterosaur, Large (RC 201, HWAdv 26)
Skinwing (G13 39) - These are distantly related to pterodactyls, but are more modern
Stegosaurus (LBX 40)
Stegosaurus (HWAdv 27) - The stats on these two versions of the Stegosaurus vary quite a bit
Tanystropheus (HWR1 31)
Trachodon (X1 32, CC 29)
Triceratops (RC 209, HWAdv 28)
Triceratops (EX 56) - Another case where the two versions vary considerably; one is probably a related creature, such as a Styracosaurus or the like
Tylosaurus (AC9, CC 29)
Tyrannosaurus Rex (RC 210, EX 57, HWAdv 28)

Prehistoric Animals

Archaeopteryx (HW 21)
Archelon (HWR1 27, CC 29)
Aurochs (HWAdv 21)
Bear, Cave (RC 159, BD 26, HWAdv 22)
Bison, Giant (HWAdv 22)
Boar, Great (RC 162) - This is likely intended to be some kind of Entelodont
Cat, Sabre-Tooth Tiger (RC 163, BD 27)
Crocodile, Giant (RC 164, EX 47) - Likely something like Sarosuchus
Elk, Giant (AC9 15, X1 30, CC 9)
Flapsail (HWAdv 23)
Grazer (DA3 37, DA4 37) - Possibly. These are from Blackmoorian times, but could they possibly be much older?
Hyenodon (HWR1 28, CC9)
Indricotherium, Baluchitherium (HWR1 28, CC 9)
Indricotherium, Grangeri (AC9, X1 31, CC9) - Both of these creatures seem to have been intended to be the same, but they have different stats, so I have made a distinction between them
Megatherium (AC9 17, X1 31, CC9)
Phororhacos (AC9 75, X1 32, CC 9)
Pony, Krugel (HWAdv 26) - included here because they are noted in a Hollow World product specifically
Quarg (DA3 40) - a slightly different version of an Ice Wolf, introduced in a Blackmoor product. Possibly an ancestor of modern Ice Wolves?
Rhinoceros, Woolly (AC9 20, Cc 87)
Riding Animal, Small (HWAdv 26) - Catchall template for Kubitt-sized animals, which may be small dinosaurs or early mammal ancestors (such as Eohippus)
Serpent, Feathered (HWA2 61, HWR1 28)
Titanothere (AC9 13, CC 9)
Viper, Flying (HWAdv 29)
Wakaleo (DR 186)

Carnifex (M3)
Lycanthrope, Werejaguar (HWR2 29, CC 72)
Lycanthrope, Weresabretooth (HWAdv 16)
Neanderthal (RC 196, BD 34)

Abbreviations Used

HWAdv: Hollow World Adventurer's Guide
HWR1: Sons of Azca
RC: Rules Cyclopedia
CC: Creature Catalog (DMR2)
AC9: Creature Catalogue
BD: Basic DM's guide
M3: Twilight Calling
EX: Expert rules book
X#: Expert module
LBX: Expert rules book (light blue box)
MD: Master DM's book
DA#: Blackmoor adventure series
G#: Gazetteer series
HWA#: Hollow World adventure module series
DR: Dragon magazine

I missed a couple in skimming my entries that I note Havard picked up (such as the Mastodon/Prehistoric Elephant). Also, I didn't include several that would certainly fit, such as the giant versions of creatures (or the Dire Wolf). I did note, and have noted in my work, that some of the entries for the "same" creature actually have differing statistics in different sources. When these sources vary drastically, I have tried to find a related creature name to distinguish them.

I am also in the process of trying to find better, non-scientific names for these creatures, notably the dinosaurs. It seems kind of silly to me to have characters calling them by their modern names. I have been using the names given in Burroughs' Pellucidar series, and trying to work out some names for the (many) creatures he didn't reference therein.