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De Principia Codiceque Physiologica Mystarae

by Jonathan Nolan

- -Compiled by Cullpoppy the Healer
of the Street of Dreams, Mirros

"He that can smile at death, as we know him; who can flourish in
the midst of diseases that kill off whole peoples. Oh, if such a
one was to come from God, and not the Devil, what a force for good
might he not be in this world of ours."

Bram Stoker, Dracula

Disease Name
First Encountered

Inflammation of the Brain [fever], Coma within 10 hours
Con check or die, then half-Con check or die
Highly Infectious
Bloodfire was originally a disease of the Broken Lands but in the last generation it has migrated to the increasingly fetid waterways of Glantri City.

Dodo 'Flu
Sneezing, Runny nose, Aches & Pains,
Headache Potion made from Alphatian oranges
Fever & stunned for 1-6 days
Mildly infectious
This complaint is mentioned in the fanciful tales of travellers entering a "World Within". Supposedly the travellers entered into a hollow world, where this 'Flu strain had killed all of the local people on a floating landmass. For this reason that landmass was shunned.

Fungoid Plague
Turns humanoids into grey sludge
Cure Disease AND Remove Curse AND Drider/Arachnotaur Blood potion
Death in 2-4 days
Highly Infectious
Tunnels of the Underground where ordure and ooze lifeforms are combined often breed this bacillus.

Ghol Chiem Infection
Skin turns bright green
Red Lilly Flowers
Coma in 12 hrs Death in 24 hrs
This disease is a creation of the lesser Immortal Kyuss, originally released in Thyatian territories it was later spread to the Savage Coast and Davania where locals had no resistance to it at all and it caused widespread depopulation.

Great Brunian Plague
Buboes, Rashes
Lancing boils, feeding patient Rotting Fruit
Crippling weakness *25% Fatality
Highly Infectious
This legendary disease has never returned again with the ferocity it once possessed but there at least a handful of fatalities from it a year in the Known World and occasional pandemic outbreaks within a realm.

Eyebrows become white, Voice deepens, Extreme paranoia
Ovason's Mixture (unique potion)
Permanent insanity if untreated
Highly Infectious
This disease is unknown save amongst the sky sailors who attempted to break the Known World records for high altitude flight. It is still not known where this peculiar infection originated.

Klenda Virus
Flesh rots in 2-4 minutes, Agony
Cure Disease at Level 5 or above
Death in 2-4 minutes
This "super-leprosy" strain is confined to certain of the Isles in the Dread Archipelago.

Lazar's Disease "Is this the face they rejoiced to see ?"
Rotting Skin, Blindness, Stench
Cure Disease, Cure Blindness, Remove Curse
Debilitation, Death in 2 years
Lazar's Disease is uncommon but known throughout Mystara.
Contraction of the disease is directly linked to poor personal hygiene.

Lightwave Sickness
Permanent loss of Strength [caused by prolonged periods of invisibility for creatures not naturally invisible]
Limited Wish
Loss of 1-2 points of Str PERMANENTLY
Lightwave Sickness is rare, virtually unknown outside spellcasting communities.

Destroys all metal it contacts in 2-4 rounds
Destroys Metal Objects
This disease was first encountered following an earthquake in Wendar. After the tremor, a pocket of foul air was released from underground carrying the spores of this infection.

Yellow foam forms on surface of golem
[only affects Golems and other animates]
None known
Disintegration in 30hrs
Highly Infectious
Movellitis is believed to originate in Sind. It spread from the cities along the river systems westwards before emerging into the Known World.

Muto Plague
Turns humanoids into Lesser Broken Ones
None known
Permanent shapechange to Broken One
This infection originated in Klantyre, and is almost unknown beyond that principality.

Undeath - return after death
None known
Undeath akin to being a Thinking Zombie
Mysteronitis is very rare but known throughout the world.

Neurotrope X
Parkinsonian jitters, Forgetfulness, Black inflamed veins, Swollen glands
Golem Dust
Death in 1-2 days, Permanent nerve damage even if patient survives
This virus was released deliberately after its creation by the Priest Fangolior of Darokin.

Radiance Poisoning
Weakness, nausea, lesions on the skin.
Heal spell OR Cure Disease AND Neutralise Poison
Saving throw versus spells or lose 1d4 hp per hour until death occurs.
[Extremely high probability of cancer occurring in the last 2 stages of life.]
Almost unknown except for some mysterious cases in and around Glantri City.

Spectrox Toxaemia
High Fever for 24-48 hrs, Purple blotches, Vomiting
Potion made from milk of a Queen Mobat
Death in 48-72 hrs
Uncommon but known worldwide

Tanagoro Pox
Fatal blood clots
Potion made from Marigolds and Honey
Death in 3-10 minutes
Restricted to Skothar, but spreading as contact with the rest of the world increases. Tanagoro Pox seems to strike only in wet monsoonal conditions.

Thrin-Atrus Fungus
White furry growth on limb joints, paralysis
[Only affects Insectoids]
Potion made from Purple Worm eyelets
Death in 10-100 hours
Highly infectious to other insectoids
A disease of the Underground tunnels.

Varga Sickness
Turns humanoids into Varga plants
Cure Disease AND Remove Curse
Become a Varga Plant - similar to Evil Treant
Highly Infectious
Found wherever the evil Varga are found as it is carried in their sap, saliva and pollen.

Venom Plague
Bright green veinous lesions on upper body and face, skin becomes snake-like
Remove Curse AND Cure Disease with Jimson Root potions regularly
Death in 10-20 hours 10% chance of dead rising as a Ju-Ju Zombie.
A creation of Kyuss, lesser Immortal of corruption and Entropy. Worldwide distribution but very rare.

Yellow Musk Sickness
Turns humanoids into Yellow Musk Zombies
Cure Disease AND Remove Curse
Become a Yellow Musk Zombie
Found wherever Yellow Musk Creepers are found.