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Diyab ben Aziz al-Fanaqi

by Giampaolo Agosta

1st level Lupin (Fighting Fennec)
Thief (Barber)
AC 8, HP 5, All. NG, THAC0 20
Str 6, Int 12, Wis 7, Dex 15, Con 13, Cha 13
Station: 8
Ht: 37"/94cm
Wt: 44,3 lbs/20kg
MV 6 (5 w/ current load of 21 lbs)

Medium Senses: Infravision 60', +2 detect invisible, 83% detect lycanthropes, Blind Fighting, Tracking at 3, Detect Smell (race 13, person 9).

HN 40%
CW 35%
OL 15%
F/RT 20%
MS 15%
HS 10%
RL 5%
PP 25%

Languages: Lupin, Alasiyan.

Weapon Proficiencies: Razor, Sling.

Non-weapon Proficiencies: R/W Alasiyan, Healing, Herbalism, Fast Talking, Local History, Grooming.

Lore: 3%

Money: 14 dinar, 2 dirham, 5 fals

Equipment: 2 Razors, Sling, Bullets (15); Leather Sleeves and Leggings, Aba, Fez, Sash, 2 small Belt Pouches; Carpet (3'x5'), Whetstone, Kohl (5), Perfume (2), Rosewater (3), Soap (1 lb.), small metal mirror; 1 Waterskin, Backpack, Thieves' Picks.

Weapon Speed Dmg S/M
Razor 2 1d2/1d2
Sling 6 1d4+1/1d6+1


Diyab is a small Lupin, even for a Fighting Fennec. With his large, pointy earlobes, he is barely more than 3' tall.

He wears an sandy-white aba, the typical clothing of a desert dweller, held at the waist by a red sash. A sand-coloured cape and a tall red fez with a black tassel complete his outfit.

As a barber, he always has a pair of keen-edged razors, and wears leather sleeves under his aba.


Diyab is a member of the Fanaq clan, the Desert Foxes, the largest Lupin tribe of the Emirates. The Fanaq have been True Believers for more than a century, and are specially blessed by the Immortal Guardians -- that's why meeting a Fanaq is considered a good omen by most Alasiyans.

There aren't many Fanaq in the urban areas, but those who live in the cities do prosper, due to the favour they obtain from the local population. Diyab arrived in the town of Cubis only a few months ago, to work as a Barber, but his family lives in the semidesertic inland region west of the town.

Up to now, Diyab's activity has been fruitful, and he has no shortage of customers: Cubis is a commercial port, which brings people from all over the Emirates and even from Thyatis and Vestland, even though it is certainly of lesser importance than the capital of Nicostenia, Tameronikas.

The small Lupin also enjoys a decent social position: as a barber, he is also surgeon and herbalist, as well as ``wise man'' and (self-proclaimed) expert on all topics. He is also a source of news, gossip, and tales for all of his customers.

The merchants he has met in the suq of Cubis include Fayiz, a young but enterprising Alasiyan who has just opened his own stall in the market, and Thordar the Dwarf, a blacksmith who certainly lives up to the prestige of his race, who is one of his most loyal customers.


Diyab ben Aziz is a talkative, merry Lupin, as can be expected from a successful barber. Even though he is a follower of the Eternal Truth, he hasn't fully understood the meaning of the Ritual of Judgement: he is quite reckless, and his tongue often runs faster than his brain.