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by Marco Dalmonte

Now before I go on, there's something I must say. I really didn't see why Allston chose to make 2 immortals out of one, when it was clear in old Immortal set that the high hierarch of Matter was one with many names (Terra, Djaea, Mother Earth). Anyway, he made two different characters, but the problem IMO is that they are so similar that's become too difficult to tell the difference. Also, Terra is featured more prominently than Djaea in every official supplement, to the point that you don't see Djaea mentioned ever! Maybe Allston and the rest of the TSR crew forgot about her? that's another reason to blend her with Terra...

But I've decided to stay true to WotI as much as possible, so in this case I basically studied a way out of the issue to explain why is Djaea so much powerful (34th level immortal!) when she's so much younger than Terra and less known or active on Mystara. It turns out that Djaea is Mother Nature, the "force" responsible for granting godless druids (i.e. druids who do not worship one of the nature oriented immortals) their spells! So Djaea has a lot of cults all over Mystara, only they don't call her Djaea, but simply Mother Nature.
Also, this helps me differentiate her from Terra. Terra is the ever loving Mother Earth, LG to the extreme. Djaea has a different approach to it: she's true Neutral, she only wants to preserve the ecosystem and the balance in the worlds, not to force certain laws or habits.
Hope this helps to tell the two apart

(Mother Nature)
Shield of Worlds, Patroness of Natural Balance
Level, Alignment, Sphere: 34 (Hierarch), TN, Matter
Symbol: a big white stone with a serpent coiled around it
Portfolio: respecting nature and life, balancing the ecosystem, survival of the worlds and of the living races, druidism
Worshipped in: all around the world (especially Brun, Davania and Skothar where druidic orders are well established), Hollow World, even on other planets in the First Plane and on some outer planes
Appearance: a charming lady with dark complexion that is still in her primer, with a long white tunic of ancient style
History: born among the Neathar tribes who lived on the fringes of the Blackmoor empire, Djaea soon became well versed in the arcane arts and refused to follow the alluring way of the Blackmoorian technology. Djaea kept herself and her protégés at wide berth from Blackmoor's shadow, not liking the way it was changing and corrupting the world, and this attitude never changed during her whole life. She was way ahead in her path of the Polymath when Blackmoor blew itself up in the Great Rain of Fire. She managed to survive, but she was deeply shaken by the devastation that she witnessed in the world around her.
After saving numerous tribes from an untimely extinction, she became immortal around BC 2930, and from that moment on she swore she would have done all to protect nature and the living races from utter destruction. She began then to teach some enlightened souls the Way of Nature, and they learnt how to respect the natural balance between the forces of the universe, to protect nature in all its aspects as the cradle of life. This way she introduced druidism on Mystara for the first time, and her worship grew tremendously with each passing century, bringing her on the top level of the immortal hierarchy.
Personality: Djaea (or Mother Nature, as many call her) is not tied to any particular element. Instead she preaches to respect all of the forces of nature. She tries hard to get all the information she can gather on the nature of the Multiverse to understand it better, and encourages her followers to do the same on a smaller scale. Djaea doesn't like to act instinctively and always tries to recollect her mind before taking action. She's terribly worried of all the negative repercussions that a hasted decision could bring to the environment, and for this reason she's always trying to suggest a path that will involve the less possible danger for living species and worlds. This is why is often accused of being slow and meditative. She greatly respects Khoronus and the two have become a pair (Father Time and Mother Nature). She also cooperates often with Terra, sharing her love for the living species. She's a fierce enemy of any immortal who tries to bring destruction or to alter the universal balance.
Patron: Terra
Allies: Khoronus (her mate), Terra
Enemies: Thanatos and all immortals of destruction
Classic D&D Stats:
Followers' Alignment: Neutral
Favoured weapons: none (allowed all natural weapons of druids)
Clerics' skills & powers: +1 bonus to Wisdom, bonus nature lore general skill. Clerics of Djaea are druids.
D&D 3E stats:
Domains: Matter, Protection, Earth, Plants, Animals
Preferred weapon: light mace
Sources: WotI, Immortal set