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Darokin History

by Greg Weatherup

Well after all those questions, and as a thank you, I guess I should post a preview teaser of sorts, but please remember it's still in a rough draft form:

Two things that might not be cannon (I'm not sure, maybe someone can verify for me)- I read something about some troubling period in the Alasiyan basin in the 260s AC that lead to many refugees heading west. I had that the kingdom of Darokin settled many of those refugees on the strip of land in-between the Atruaghin Plateau and Lake Amsorak at the edge of Darokin controlled lands (Sashenta tribes I called them). & secondly the Makistani tribes by this time were under some sort of Darokinian control or vassalage (a protectorate perhaps?). Otherwise, are there any problems with the following:

By the mid to late 4th Century, the Kingdom of Darokin stretches from Lake Amsorak to the Urst-Urt valley (Makistani protectorate?) and across the Cruth Mountains into Northern Traladara, and from the Red River Valley to the Malpheggi. It borders the Sea of Dread, the Atruaghin clans lands, Shahjapur/early Sind (across Lake Amsorak and across the Amsorak Mountains), the Flaemish duchies, Belcadiz elves, the Broken Lands, Alfheim, Rockhome, the Ylari Tribes and Thyatian protectorates in the Alasiyan basin, the central Traladaran tribes, and the Hin.
The Kingdoms Borders are secure- The eastern one from natural barriers- The Malpheggi swamp, Lake Amsorak, and the Amsorak Mountains; or by friendly relations with demihuman lands - Alfheim, Shires, Belcadiz, and Rockhome; or by various march frontiers that have significant autonomy- Sashenta tribes of resettled Ylari around modern Fort Anselbury, The "Silver March" crescenting around the broken lands from Alfheim to Belcadiz consisting of the free-city of Corunglain and the sparsely inhabited Highland frontier, and the Eastern march of the allied City state of Salonikos and the Makistani Protectorate in the Urst-Urt valley (which in turn is guaranteed by treaty with Thyatis and the dwarves.
That is, All the borders are secure except for one: Traladara.

end of the 4th century to 412: Darokin gradually seeks to secure this last weak border by subjugating the clans on the other side of the various passes through the Black Peaks. By 412 Darokin has even made the Bans of Lugsid and Vaion into (forced) vassals and controls much of the Wulfwolde hills.

412: The assassination of Corwyn VIII The Friendly Attleson, begins the Traladaran Wars and the beginnings of the reversal and downturn of the kingdom which had been expanding steadily and strongly for over 300 years.

412-417 First Traladaran War

412 Darokin vs various Central and Southern Traladaran statelets, emergence of the Traladaran League

413-414 Selenican Civil War, pro-Darokin aristocracy and city-dwellers vs a pro-Traladaran peasantry. City falls and Salonikos becomes the Kingdom of Salonikos and joins the Traladaran League's side in the conflict.

417 Peace of Marilenev. Darokin relinquished all claims on Northern Traladara and the Makistani and Alasiyan lands but gets guarantees for the return and safety of the Selenican aristocracy to return to the city.

425 nearly half of the population of Sind disappears, transported to Shajapur in the Hollow World

436. Sabir ibn Ibrahim conquers Salonikos and founds the Imarat al Zalenikah

beginning c.450 gradual souring of Darokinian relations with the elves of Alfheim

468-480's: rise of Duke Demara of Halavos to King of Traladara (Halavos, Volaga, Lugsid, Vaion, Gorenenov, Lumm, & Koriszegy. not recognised by Marilenev, Dmitrov, Vidrin, and Sulescu). Meanwhile in Darokin Mithras IV The Warbringer provokes a pointless war with Alfheim.

480 An elven archer kills Mithras IV, his son, Mithras V, rises to the throne and ends the conflict.

488: King Demara marries the daughter of King Mithras V of Darokin and their new alliance starts the Third Traladaran War by conquering Al-Zalenikah and adding it to Darokin as the Duchy of Selenica.

490: After death of King Demara, Mithras V of Darokin claims regency of Traladara for the infant Mithras Demaravich, Lumm, Volaga, and Koriszegy rebel and ally with the coastal clans in a new Traladaran League. Mithras V sends an army in to quell the rebellion.

490-493: 4th Traladaran War results in Darokinian defeat.

more to come....