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City of Dmireton

by Alex Benson

Dmireton is the one of Randel's primary marshalling and supply establishments. In peacetime, it focuses its resources and storage facilities to supplying the Randel Line. It also boasts one of the University's schools. The actual population only numbers about 3,500. A large proportion of this population is employed as teamsters and labourers.

The city itself, is fairly normal looking. It is constructed for function instead of decor. The walls and buildings are well constructed thanks to the attentions of the combat engineers. The blocks are laid out in an organised manner. Few building rise to a height more than ten stories. The city boasts a large number of warehouses for supplies and barracks for troops headed to or coming from the Line. A defensive wall surrounds the city with towers spaced out evenly along its length.

The ruler of Dmireton is Baroness Zarrella (M24). She is a middle- aged magist, well remembered for her service in the Randel Armed Forces. The Baroness acts with an air of militarism, reflecting her service. She is a good-natured person when in the company of other soldiers. She has some difficulty dealing with civilians.

Assisting her in her duties is her daughter, Myatika (M7). Myatika was but recently released from the military herself. This was done at the behest of her mother who wished to prepare her for the day when she would succeed her as Baroness. That suited the daughter fine, as military life had never been too particularly thrilling. It was only her mother's urging that had forced her to remain in the service as long as she did. The daughter is thrilled to be home, not for her expected duties, but to live as she sees a noble of Alphatia should.

University Facilities

Dmireton boasts the location for the kingdom's only Combat Engineers School. The School is a solidly built series of buildings. Its curriculum includes the construction of defences, the destruction of defence works, crafting siege machines, and so on. It is customary for the School to assist the city in maintaining its defences and inner buildings.

Headmistress Malanka (MU27) is the department head for the city's Combat Engineer School. She is an intelligent and resourceful person, well suited for her position. She enjoys using her school to build and maintain the defences and structures of the city. Malanka is also approaching mid- life. She wants to settle down with a good man and have a child or two. Malanka is good friends with both Commander Deropolus and his wife.


The base as well as the supply and distribution facilities are under the overall command of Commander Deropolus (F33). He is a steadfast, no nonsense, career man, who does is best to properly manage the flow of arms, supplies, and troops through his command. Though he has a large number of assistants to assist him in his duties, he tends to oversee everything personally. Deropolus longs for a combat command instead of acting as a quartermaster. He finds solace in his wife, Dolosta (M5), and their two small children. There was much rumour about Dolosta being one of Madame Aylanna's girls. This is not true. Dolosta was a ranking sergeant in the R.A.F. before falling for her husband. Both Dolosta as well as Deropolus take great umbrage at this rumour.

Garrisoning Dmireton are the 12th and 13th Standard Infantry Regiments, 4th Heavy Movement Regiment, and 1st and 2nd Combat Engineer Regiments. Needless to say, there is a heavy military presence within Dmireton. Overall command of the garrison troops traditionally falls to the commander of the Heavy Movement Regiment.

The current commander of 4th Heavy movement Regiment is Commander Gvergrifar(M29). A disciplined man, he is well aware of the possible implications an attack on "his warehouses" would cause. He commands his troops with a heavy hand. His troops drill daily and practice war games at least once a week. By his order, patrols are heavy both during the day as well as at night. Most of his subordinates dislike him but have a begrudged respect for him.


Dmireton has few serious industries. Most of the populace finds employment by acting as teamsters and labourers for the supply aspect of the city. This labour pool is needed, as there are few slaves within the city. This is from a local slave uprising that severely hampered the city to be able to carry out its supply duty. To prevent a reoccurrence, slaves were limited to household duties and insubordination is harshly punished.

Other Notables

Cendrik (M4) is a tragic figure in Randel society. Once a powerful mage, he was badly injured while fighting a black dragon. In the melee, he was badly burned by the dragon's breath weapon. He lost most of his right hand, an eye, and his body is badly scarred. With the loss of the hand, he lost the ability to cast spells. It has taken him years to research his limited number of spells that he can cast with his handicaps. This is not to say he is helpless. Cendrik has a suitable collection of enchanted items to bolster his resolve. The dragon that maimed him still lives. Cendrik has vowed to some day avenge his losses.

Tuuk (orc) is an orc. He has lived in Dmireton all of his life and has no conception of humanoid life and cannot even speak the orc tongue. Tuuk was captured as an infant and raised as a slave. As a slave, he was tasked to perform jobs such as loading wagons, maintaining the team animals, and maintaining the wagons themselves.

Tuuk gained his freedom a few years back. Since then, he has remained in Dmireton to work with the shipping businesses. It is the only thing he really knows how to do. Tuuk is happy. He is paid well and treated pretty well. Due to his heritage and upbringing, he even has a bit of notoriety.


As mentioned above, there are few slaves in Dmireton. This lack of slaves is the result of a slave rebellion years ago. The people of Dmireton do not like to talk about that incident. This is primarily due to the embarrassment it caused the populace. Those that do own slaves treat them fairly well. Slaves that gain their freedom are fairly common and those former slaves usually remain as paid servants of their former masters. This is not to say that being a slave in Dmireton is fun. Given the revolt, slaves are carefully watched. Those that even hint at insubordination are slain.

Visitors are subject to have their wagons and large packages searched. The authorities are cautious of folks stealing from the warehouses as well as sabotage. The people of the city are a bit paranoid. Outsiders will find themselves the object of curiosity and possible harassment. It will not be too long before officials investigate the outsiders' reasons for being there.

After dark, strong patrols are frequent and people on the streets are subject to being stopped and questioned. The presence of guards is heavy along the walls and around the various facilities. Outsiders are forbidden to approach the skyship base and the warehouses. Even locals will find a cold welcome upon getting within sight of the base and warehouses.

DM Notes:

Deropolus was and is a capable leader. His appointment to a quartermaster role in Dmireton was a big surprise to most of the Randel officer pool. The truth is that he has been placed there as he is being groomed for a General Staff position. The General Staff figured that commanding the supply depot would do much to add to his war making experience. Soon, he will be moved to Rardish to act as a senior adviser to General Brikstrist. Few know of this plan.

Dmireton has few slaves and treats those slaves it has quite well. Visiting PCs may note this and think highly of it. However, they will be shocked to hear of or actually see an unruly slave quickly and without hesitation struck down.

Due to its position and logistics importance, Dmireton is a prime target for infiltration by Bettellyn covert troops. In case of an invasion, it is also at risk of siege. At the least, PCs out after dark are bound for a hassle. At worst, the garrison troops will shoot first and ask questions later. The latter incident being especially so if they are caught around any of the warehouses.